VIDEO: OG's transformation starting to show

OG Anunoby is always quiet after games, no matter if the Hoosiers win or lose. You can rarely hear him on the court. But his quiet nature has become a big contrast to his exciting performance on the court. Thursday night's win over the Mocs was no exception, as Anunoby had highlight reel dunks and big plays in Indiana's win.

The postgame Indiana locker room was filled with great tidbits about OG Anunoby.

His teammates called him the weirdest guy on the team, quiet only when he wants to be, and compared and contrasted him to Victor Oladipo and Marshawn Lynch. But no matter what his teammates call him, Anunoby is earning one title on the court: a key for the Hoosiers in the NCAA Tournament.

Watch our video below from Des Moines to find out what OG's teammates are saying about his improved performance. Top Stories