Here is an in-depth look at the game of five-star Romeo Langford

Even though he just completed his sophomore season Romeo Langford is already someone who the Indiana Hoosiers coaching staff is making the highest level priority. Langford is one of the elite players in the country regardless of class. Here is an in-depth look at what the New Albany native brings to the court.

Over the last 12 months in the state of Indiana no player has risen more than Romeo Langford. The class of 2018 prospect is now the No. 3 overall player in the class, and clearly the top guard.

When looking at Langford the first thing that really stands out is how smooth he is athletically. One of the keys in sports is to not move at the same speed that it looks like you are going. Langford does that perfectly. It never looks like he is moving fast, but he is always going right around people on the offensive end.

He has a tight handle which allows him to use his impressive athleticism to its fullest extent. What is even more important than that, but that goes along with it, is that Langford has a tremendous ability to change speeds.

Quite honestly it is nearly impossible to teach someone how to change speeds with their dribble and set up defenders. That is something that usually just comes naturally, and virtually no one in high school basketball can go from fast to slow and then back to fast better than Langford. This allows him to get into the paint at will, and makes him nearly impossible to defend in a one-on-one situation.

Once in the lane Langford has near elite athleticism that allows him to finish over defenders as well as well above the rim. Since Langford makes a living getting into the paint, this is important because he draws so many fouls on the opposing bigs.

Add in that Langford is a good shooter well beyond three point range, and the total package is there or him on the offensive end. Langford is a threat to score no matter where he is on the court.

In a day and age of specialists, Langord is special. He can score from all three levels, and then has solid floor vision to get others involved.

On the defensive end Langford is already good, and he has the potential to be elite. At the high school level a lot of the time if you are the best player your main job on defense is to not pick up fouls. While Langford doesn’t take that approach, he is also very cognizant of making sure he stays on the court.

Still at 6-foot-4 with around a 6-foot-10 wing span and tremendous lateral movement, Langford should be someone who is a near elite defender when he gets to college. He will be able to defend point guards as well as wings, and also is a competitive kid who doesn’t like to give up buckets.

If there is a weakness right now with Langford you’d probably say he isn’t the most vocal kid and he needs to takeover games more consistently. Right now he tries to fit in some and get others involved when at times he needs to simply be the best player and dominate first, and then get others going later.

Still there is only so much you can pick apart with Langford. He is a kid with tremendous character as well as ability on the court. He has the requisite height, athleticism, and skill to be someone who plays at the highest level, and now he is beginning to take everything to a new level with his game.

Look for a standout July, and an even better junior season for Langford, as he and his New Albany High School teammates will attempt to repeat as state champions. Top Stories