A great opportunity for savings on a Scout.com membership is out there for Indiana fans looking to jump on board.

Today is the final day for a great chance for savings on a Scout.com membership where you can get the best Indiana coverage from the team at Peegs.com.

A great opportunity for savings on a Scout.com membership is still available but ends at midnight tonight. Want to follow the Peegs.com and get the  best Hoosier sports coverage? You'll get it with the team of Mike Pegram, Matt Weaver, Jeff Rabjohns and Ken Bikoff. Now with the Scout national staff support that includes recruiting experts like Brian Snow, Allen Trieu and Evan Daniels, it should be an easy decision to jump on the offers outlined below.

Monthly promo: Now through July 11 if you sign up for the $9.95 montly plan, you will be given three free months. So $9.95 for four months of access. That's only $2.49 per month.

Annual promo: Now through July 11 if you choose the $99.95 annual subscription, an extra three months of access will be given. That "15 for 12" deal takes your premium membership into October of 2017 for $6.66 per month.

Important guidelines to follow for your sign up

From now until 11:59pm Eastern, select the MONTHLY subscription option for $9.95.  Sign up.  After your 7-day free trial you will be billed the $9.95.  Once you're billed we will automatically add 3 complimentary months to your membership, thus making it 4 months for the price of 1.  Following the 3 free months, you will continue on the Peegs.com monthly plan.  You can always check your membership info under "My Subscriptions" in the drop down on the top right of the screen, or click here directly:   Once you're billed you will see your membership date pushed out.

If you want to go annual and save big, select the $99.95 annual option.  Following the free trial, you will be billed and 3 free months will be added to your account just as listed above. That secures your Indiana premium access all the way into October of 2017 for just $6.66 per month.

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