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Peegs.com has put together a notebook of things that Indiana coach Kevin Wilson talked about at the Big Ten Media Days

Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson talked about a variety of things when he met with the assembled press earlier today at the Big Ten Media Days in Chicago. Peegs.com has put together a notebook of a few of the things that Wilson discussed with the media.

Earlier today Kevin Wilson met with the media at the Big Ten Media Days in Chicago. Peegs.com was there for the question and answer session with Coach Wilson and we have a notebook on a few of the topics that the Indiana head coach touched on.


Roster Updates

Coach Wilson talked about the roster for the start of fall camp, and he announced that one member of the 2016 recruiting class, Brandon Drayton, will not be a part of the program due to an academic issue.

“We had an issue with admission where he is not going to be admitted so he is not going to be with us,” Wilson said about Brandon Drayton. “I think he has found another place but I’m not sure on that. We just had an issue going through the admission deal where it wasn’t going to work.”

Another member of the 2016 class, Allen Stallings, was not with the program during the summer but is expected to join the team for the start of fall camp.

“Allen Stallings is actually completing a class that should be done this week and we have all indications that things are good,” Wilson said. “But he is the other guy that hasn’t been there. Everyone else has finished all their work and is in good shape. Academic-wise everyone is good.”

Coach Wilson also said there will be a few players other than Camion Patrick that will be limited for preseason camp.

“Shaun Bonner, our freshman tight end, has had a knee scoped and he will be a little bit limited early,” Wilson said. “That might take him out of the mix a bit on whether he plays or redshirts. Isaac Griffith, his knee still hasn’t responded with the nerve deal and they are getting ready to do a procedure on him that will cost him the preseason and maybe the season. (Chase) Dutra is back but we have to be smart in preseason with how much we do. Zeke Walker is back, smart with the preseason. So some of those guys coming through the foot deals you can overdo it.”


Wilson pleased with the size of his O-line

The IU roster has 13 offensive linemen who weigh over 300 pounds, and sophomore Brandon Knight is not far away from that mark as he currently weighs 292 pounds. Coach Wilson said that he has noticed a difference in the linemen since Keith Caton took over as Strength & Conditioning coach earlier this year.

“I have always been complaining that we weren’t big enough and then I started looking and everyone was over their weight,” Wilson said about the linemen. “Keith (Caton) is coming out of that Baylor system so I just think in his style of recovery and lifting…he was a very, very strong guy.”

Wilson said a friend of his who has a background in strength and conditioning told him that Caton would do a great job with linemen.

“As a matter of fact, I talked to a guy who is a strength oriented guy and when I told him I was hiring him (Caton) he said he will get your big guys yoked up,” Wilson said. “You saw Dan (Feeney) and Dimitric (Camiel), Dan is 310 and Dimitric is 320 and they are kind of lean looking.”


Wilson talks about Feeney

Kevin Wilson has coached some very good offensive linemen in his career as a football coach, and he said current Hoosier Dan Feeney ranks right up there with some of the best he has ever worked with.

“He has a pretty high standard of performance and work ethic,” Wilson said about Feeney. “He is very consistent and brings it every day whether it be the weight room or practice. He is one of the hardest practice players we have ever been around and I think Coach Frey would tell you that. I have seen a couple guys that are very comparable to him…he is really good. His ability to just come to work and be at a high level every day…he’s a smart guy but he’s not so smart he overthinks things. He has a pretty simple mind and a pretty simple approach. Size, strength, toughness, he has a lot of intangibles. He’s not flashy but he is really, really, really good.


Wilson not a fan of new league schedule

Starting this season the Big Ten is going to a nine game league schedule which means conference teams will only have three non-conference games. The new scheduling is not something that Coach Wilson is in favor of.

“I don’t think its good…its mathematics,” Wilson said. “It means we’re seven and seven as a conference. How many times is our conference seven and seven in non-league games? You are trying to get teams to six and seven and eight wins and bowl teams. You want parity with other leagues. You have other leagues that are playing eight conference games. You have other leagues that aren’t playing conference championship games. You have other leagues that are playing FCS teams. We have one of the strongest conferences and we also have one of the strongest formulas…no FCS, one power five, nine conference games and a championship game. That is the strongest formula that anyone has to make it to the playoffs and also be bowl eligible.

Wilson did also say that the scheduling does have its benefit because it something that the players like, and it is also something that helps in recruiting.

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