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Indiana visit: What hit home with Southport's Paul Scruggs, his family

After having time to talk things over with his family, Indianapolis Southport 2017 guard Paul Scruggs sat down with Peegs.com to discuss his Indiana visit and what key things stand out to him and his family.

Top-40 prospect Paul Scruggs and his family have had some time to digest their most extensive Indiana visit, and several key things resonated with them.

The four-star 2017 guard from Indianapolis Southport sat down with Peegs.com today to discuss the important topics he and his family have discussed following their Indiana visit on Monday.

“They told me that I would start as a freshman, and that they would make me an elite point guard,” Scruggs said.

“They told me that I’m not quite there either as a true point guard, that I fit their style and that they can get me there.”

Scruggs knows he’s not a true point guard yet but more of a combo guard who continues to learn the point guard position.

“I wouldn’t be halfway. I’d be about 40 percent,” Scruggs said of where his progression to being a point guard stands.

Indiana also showed Scruggs players IU coach Tom Crean has coached who are now in the NBA and how Crean’s player development program would impact Scruggs.

“They talked about getting me ready for the next level. They pointed out Yogi (Ferrell), (Victor) Oladipo, Troy Williams and the number of guys they’ve had go to the NBA.

“I like the projections they have. Every big-time player they have they put in the NBA.

“The players a college produces are important because that can be me, too. They can get me to the NBA.”

The Monday unofficial visit lasted about five hours. It included Scruggs parents as well.

“They included my family in a lot of things. They said it’s a business decision and that my family helps me in a lot of ways, preparing me as a man, just guiding me into the right things.”

Scruggs has been on campus at Indiana many times, going back to prior to his freshman year of high school.

He has seen Assembly Hall, Cook Hall and been all around the campus.

This visit was more about a conversation with Scruggs and his family.

“My mom asked if I would be respected as a whole person. Coach Crean told them ‘Yes.’ He said he can’t make me go to church, but he’ll try to persuade me to go to church because my mom likes me to go to church every Sunday. My mom liked that.”

Indiana was the first of five scheduled visits for Scruggs.

Next is an official visit to Xavier that runs Friday-Sunday. After that he has official visits scheduled to Michigan State (Aug. 13), Connecticut (Aug. 26) and Illinois (Sept. 3).

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