2018 QB Quincy Patterson picked up his fourth offer from Indiana

Three-star QB Quincy Patterson from Chicago picked up an offer from Indiana this past Sunday while on a visit with the Hoosiers.


There is a strong possibility that IU will not take a quarterback in the 2017 class, so that makes landing one for 2018 a definite priority. One signal-caller in the junior class the Hoosiers are very interested in is Quincy Patterson from Solorio Academy in Chicago.

Patterson was in Bloomington this past Sunday for a visit and he said that he was impressed with what he saw when watching the team on the practice field.

The visit went great,” Patterson said. “What stood put most was the tempo of practice and how serious they take it. They treated every play as if they were playing in a big game and it was the game winner. I was also impressed with the relationship between the coaches and the players. It just seemed like a legit family there. As far as the campus what stood out about the visit was the look and feel of campus and how everything was limestone and beautiful. I also liked how everything was relatively close to each other, so getting to class would not be much of an issue.”

The three-star recruit said getting an offer from IU is big for him because he believes their offense is a perfect fit for his skill-set as a quarterback.

“The offer from Indiana means a lot considering that their offense fits my style of play almost perfectly,” Patterson said. “Their offense has a lot of run-pass option plays, and they also run have the QB run option which is something my high school prides itself on. Also, even though location isn’t a big factor for me, Indiana isn’t far at all which makes life easier on my family.”

Patterson said that the Indiana coaches like where he is at now as a player, but they are really excited about how good they believe he can be down the road.

“They said that they love my size and how good I already am, and how much I can build off that and become even better and do great things for them.”

When it comes to his recruiting Patterson has offers from Indiana, Illinois, Penn State and New Mexico. He said finding a school where he feels comfortable will be big for him.

In a school I look for a beautiful campus and a great overall feel of the campus meaning I step on campus and I feel comfortable doing whatever,” he said. Academics will also be big as I am looking for a place where they do a good job of providing academic assistance. Although I am a good student, college and high school are two different monsters and to have that assistance in helping me take down that monster would make life so much easier and make college so much more enjoyable. Those will probably be my biggest factors along with how I feel playing under those coaches and how they treat the athletes off the field. Also, another thing is how much of a better man they can make me because that's essential in life.”

Patterson said that he plans on making his decision by the start of his senior season next year, but there is a chance he could decide sooner than that.

“I will definitely have my decision made by the beginning of next season,” he said. There is a chance I could commit during the summer or spring depending on how all the visits go and how much promise a school and team shows me.


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