Coach's Take: NY Rens coach Andy Borman's take on Jordan Tucker, Jose Alvarado

New York Rens coach Andy Borman talks with about his two 2017 players that Indiana is recruiting, Jordan Tucker and Jose Alvarado, and what stands out about each.

Indiana is looking at a pair of 2017 players from the New York Rens.

Small forward Jordan Tucker said he’s going to make an official visit to Indiana, and point guard Jose Alvarado continues to hear from the Hoosiers.

New York Rens coach Andy Borman talked with about those two players, what stands out about each.

On Jordan Tucker:

“His skill across the board. His ball handling, shooting, passing, attacking the basket. And the other key areas are getting there.

Defense and rebounding, from where we were at the end of the year until now, have improved about three levels. And I think he can keep getting better.

"His best basketball is in front of him. He's still learning to be a complete player but he's really good.”

Borman also said Tucker’s versatility is very important.

“I think that’s where the game’s headed anyways. He can bring it up himself. He can play off the ball. He can run your offense

"He can be the alpha male or the giver. He’s just extremely versatile. Whatever that game needs him to be. He’s extremely versatile. He's willing, too. He’s willing to be whatever the game needs him to be, which is the most important thing. …

“Sometimes the game dictates that he needs to get us 28. Sometimes the game dictates he needs to get us a double-double or a triple-double. He’s that type of kid.”

On Jose Alvarado:

"Jose is just the best. If you want a kid that is going to just win you basketball games, then Jose is your type of kid.

"He's a competitor, a pure winner.  I don't think he's lost very many wings there at Christ the King or being a New York Rens players. Wherever he goes they will win because he won't let them lose, and there’s not a higher level compliment you can give a player.” Top Stories