5-star Kris Wilkes of North Central discusses each of his 5 finalists

Five-star 2017 Indianapolis North Central forward Kris Wilkes talks with Peegs.com about his final five, why he picked these schools and what’s next.

Five-star 2017 Indianapolis North Central forward Kris Wilkes talked with Peegs.com about his final five, why he picked these schools and what’s next.

The 6-foot-8 small forward today named a final five of Indiana, Xavier, UCLA, Illinois and Connecticut, in no particular order.

“Ultimately, it came down to not just who I’ve talked to the longest but who I’ve built a great relationship with, where I’ve gotten a feel for the campus, if I can stay down there four years if I had to — hopefully not four, but if I had to I could,” Wilkes said.

“Cutting a couple of those schools was hard, but I feel these schools were the best ones for me.”

Wilkes said he plans to take all five official visits.

“I’m going to try to get all five in before I even think about anything else,” he said.

Wilkes broke down what put each of those five schools on his final list.


“I like that they were the first to offer me and getting to know Tom (Crean) and the rest of the staff. I've been down there so many times. I do have a great relationship with them. They're up there.

“The student section is large. They get good players through there and get them out. It (the IU student section) is wild. I’ve been a lot of places, not all of them have crazy student sections. I think they show a lot of love. A lot of college sections show a lot of love, but they’re one of the ones up top.”


“Xavier is one of the schools that was there originally, too. I got to talk to them more and more since they started a relationship with me, and it’s a pretty good campus.”


“It was just about getting to talk to them more. They, too, were another school that has been there. They did have Reggie (Miller), and that was my guy.

“I haven’t been down there to visit, but they came down and we did an in-home. I saw them a lot in July. I think they are bought in.”


“I’ve talked to them for a long time and had a chance to really get to know the coaches. I talk to (assistant) coach (Jamall) Walker a lot. That’s a reason I kept them around, talking to him, getting to know him as a person. That was big to me.”


“The main reason I kept UConn in there was I did get to meet coach Kevin Ollie down at USA Basketball. Getting to talk to him more and more and working with him, doing different drills. He was a pretty good coach. I liked him and wanted to visit to get to know more.”

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