Harry Crider

Three-star lineman Harry Crider spoke to Peegs.com about his commitment to Indiana

When Indiana extended an offer to Harry Crider the in-state offensive lineman knew it was an opportunity he couldn't pass up.

When Harry Crider committed to Virginia back in June he thought recruiting was finished for him, but after a visit to IU last week where he picked up an offer he knew that playing for the Hoosiers was something he couldn’t pass up. The 6-foot-4, 260-pound offensive lineman from Columbus (IN) Columbus East H.S. spoke with Peegs.com about his decision to switch his commitment from the Cavaliers to Indiana.

Crider said that when he committed to Virginia the Hoosiers were not recruiting him all that hard, but that all changed in the last month or so and when they offered he knew it was the place for him.

“IU has always kind of been a dream school so it was definitely very persuasive when we first got the offer,” he said. “It is something that I had always wanted since the start of my recruiting, but I wasn’t getting much interest from them around the time I committed to Virginia so I ended up committing to them because I felt it was my best option. But when they offered I couldn’t pass on it with it being so close to home and the great academics they have. The success they have had developing O-linemen was big, and so was the recent contract extension that Coach (Kevin) Wilson received. And when we visited last week we realized how great the coaching staff is, and I really enjoyed being around the players, so it was pretty much a no-brainer for me. It was just the best fit overall.”

When the talented prospect visited IU last week the staff offered him a scholarship and let him know they realized he was someone they needed to be recruiting harder.

“They had always had a little bit of interest but it was after my commitment to Virginia that it started to pick up a little bit and I started to hear more from them,” Crider said about the interest from IU. “Here recently after taking another look at me they told me that they realized they were missing out so they started to recruit me a little more heavily. That led to the visit and my commitment.”

Even though Crider did not official announce his decision until Monday, he actually gave the Hoosiers his commitment on Sunday night.


“I actually committed to Coach (Greg) Frey last night (Sunday) but it was a little late so I didn’t get to talk to Coach Wilson until today (Monday),” he said about telling the staff he was committing. “They were both fired up to get the news because they wanted to get another in-state commit. They are really stressing getting the best players in the state and they feel like they are accomplishing that so far.”

The Hoosiers told Crider they really like his athleticism for an offensive lineman, and they believe he could fit in at any of the interior spots on the O-line.

“Coach Frey told me that he really likes my athleticism,” Crider said. “He said that he likes the fact that I played tight end in the past and I can move around which translates to the offensive line. As I continue to get bigger I am growing into either the center position or the guard position. He thinks that who I am as a person and what I do on the football field is a good match for what they want to do at IU.”

Crider has noticed how well offensive lineman have developed under Coach Frey and he said that was a big deal for him.

“Coach Frey does a great job of building these O-linemen that turn out to be great draft picks,” the Columbus, Indiana native said. “He talked to me a lot about Jason Spriggs and how he came into IU weighing less than me. That was nice for me to hear because it shows that I will develop there and that I am in good hands with them.”

The Columbus East standout is also a very good student so finding a school where he would get a great education was also a key factor for him.

“It was very important because academics played one of the biggest roles in my decision to go anywhere,” Crider said. “I was talking to Ivy League schools and Virginia is a very good academic school and so is Indiana and that was a big part of my decision. It is important to me that I get a strong degree and that I go to a school where I will get a quality education. I know if I go into business I will be at one of the top business schools in the country.”

The Crider family has strong ties to Indiana University so this opportunity to play football for the Hoosiers is a big deal for him and for those close to him.

“It is super big because I have two siblings that graduated from IU so it runs in the family and it is definitely a very special place for us,” he said about getting the chance to play football at IU. “It would’ve been hard going as far away as Virginia is so it’s nice that I can be closer to home and my parents can come and watch me play all the time. I will also be closer to the rest of my family and to my friends that will be going to IU.”

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