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New roster out: Sophomores up in weight

The sophomore class is bigger in more ways than one based on today's official release of the 2016-17 Indiana men's basketball roster.

Indiana athletics has its first 2016-17 roster out for the men's basketball team. Earlier this week the official site updated weights, heights, numbers and for the first time listed those measures for the new freshman class. 

Here's a quick rundown of the numbers and measures with a comparison to last year's numbers for weight. That shows significant gains for the sophomore class led by 20 pound increases for OG Anunoby and Juwan Morgan. Thomas Bryant from that class is up 10 pounds to 255.

Another note for that class is the fact that Juwan Morgan is listed an inch taller this year at 6-foot-8. No other returning player had a height change versus last year's official roster.

Some of the freshman are carrying more weight than their last listed high school senior year numbers from Devonte Green is up 11 pounds, Curtis Jones is up 10 pounds and Grant Gelon is tops with a 30 pound increase to 195. De'Ron Davis is unchanged at 240.

Here's a table of the new roster: Top Stories