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Bach a versatile player for IU defense

Indiana defensive back Ben Bach is a player that can be used in different roles on the Hoosiers defense.

Whenever a coach has players that can be used at multiple spots in the defense it makes his job that much easier. Ben Bach is that type of player for the Hoosiers. The redshirt junior has the versatility to play both corner and Husky in the 4-2-5 defense that defensive coordinator Tom Allen runs, and that is something that Indiana staff really appreciates.

Indiana cornerbacks coach Brandon Shelby said when Bach has been at corner he always seems to be a guy that makes things happen.

“I think he is one of our most productive corners,” Shelby said about Bach. “I was watching film of the FIU game from last year and he was actually on the field quite a few times at the corner position. The great thing about Ben is he is versatile. He can play corner and he can also play Husky. He is a guy that we can move around and we feel comfortable with. He always makes plays and at the end of the day this is a game about making plays so you want guys that are going to be around the ball. Good things happen when he is on the field. He is a guy that we will try to utilize a lot and keep working him in somewhere.”

Bach has been used more at corner in Fall Camp and he said it has been enjoyable with Coach Allen running the defense and also being back with Coach Shelby.

“It has been a lot of fun with Coach (Tom) Allen running the defense,” Bach said. “Coach Allen is awesome. Even when I get yelled at it’s not bad because I know he is always right. And when we make big plays he is the first one to cheer you on. And Coach Shelby is my guy and it’s nice to be back with him. He will get on you but he is a good, fun coach. He makes us play hard and I like that.”

On the depth chart for the Florida International game Bach was listed as the starter at Husky. He said that it doesn’t matter to him where he plays.

“Wherever they need me on the field is fine with me,” Bach said. “I know them both pretty well so I can play either. I will do whatever they need me to do to make the defense better.”


The redshirt junior said that Husky was a fun position to learn because it is a spot where there are plenty of chances to make big plays.

“I really like it,” he said about playing Husky. “It was a cool position to learn and get used to. There are a lot of opportunities for big plays.”

Wherever he ends up playing Bach said it is important that he and the other defensive backs do a good job of communicating during the game.

“Since we have five defensive backs instead of four a lot of the communication is different,” he said. “We have to make sure every DB knows what to do on every play.”

When you are trying to turn around a defensive like Coach Allen is trying to do you seek out guys that make your job easier, and for the IU defensive coordinator Bach is one of those guys.

“He’s tough and he’s a physical guy,” Allen said about Bach. “He is very coachable and he is a guy that we trust. We have challenged our guys recently in the huddle with who do you trust. Who can you count on when it’s fourth down on the goal line and we’ve got to get a stop to win the game? Who can you count on when it’s third and seven and you need a critical stop to sway the momentum of the game? He’s a guy that I trust and he’s a guy that his teammates trust. He could be in multiple roles on this team because he’s that kind of guy and you can’t have enough of those guys.”

For Bach and the rest of his Hoosier teammates Thursday night is something they are looking forward to because it is a chance to go out and prove to people they can be a good defense.

“We hear it but we try not to pay attention to it or let it get to us,” he said about the negative view of the IU defense. “But we definitely let it motivate us in the right direction. We are all excited and we can’t wait to get it going.”

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