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David Beatty of St. Benedict's (N.J.) breaks down his top 5 schools

David Beatty, a 2017 guard from St. Benedict’s in New Jersey, talks with Peegs.com about his top five schools and official visit plans.

David Beatty, a 2017 guard from St. Benedict’s in New Jersey, today announced his top five schools.

The 6-foot-4 combo guard said his top five schools, in no particular order, are Indiana, Georgetown, Maryland, Connecticut and La Salle.

Originally from Philadelphia, Beatty is a three-star prospect in the 2017 class.

“Everybody in my top five, the coaches have made me a priority,” Beatty told Peegs.com. “It’s not just that they want me but that they need me.

“I felt they showed a lot of love and a lot of interest in me. I’m try to figure out what’s the best situation, and those five schools are best for me."

Beatty had a strong spring and summer with the Philly Pride AAU program on the Under Armour circuit.

He discussed his top five schools and his visit plans with Peegs.com.

He said he plans to make official visits to each of his top five schools.

“I should have those dates by next week or the week after,” Beatty said. “Most of them should be in September or early October. I want to get my commitment out of the way by October.”

Beatty broke down what stands out about each of his top five.

On Indiana:

“I’m working to set up an official visit, but haven’t set up the date. I’m definitely going to take a visit there.

“They like my shooting ability. They believe I’m a great leader on and off the court, and they love my personality. I have a great relationship with them.”

On Georgetown:

“They coaching staff, they kept it real with me throughout the whole process. They stayed focuses on me. They made sure I saw them at all my teams. They showed a lot of love, calling and texting me and my mom.”

On Maryland:

“They have a great coach, and he has a lot of history under a lot of other great coaches. Hopefully he could teach me what he learned from them.”

On Connecticut:

“Kevin Ollie is an amazing man on and off the court. UConn is like a family. Walking around campus with everybody, it’s like a family.”

On La Salle:

“Me and all the coaches, from the head coach to the last assistant, we all have good personalities and a good relationship. They have a good relationship with my mom, too, and it’s back home, so if I want to go back home, that’s an option.”

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