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IU-BSU Notebook: Offense sputters in 2nd half

The Peegs.com notebook looks at the second half issues for the offense against Ball State, the start of Richard Lagow's career at IU, and what happened on the blocked punt that gave the Cardinals a touchdown.

Indiana is 2-0 after a 30-20 win over the Ball State Cardinals today. In the victory the offensive was not able to get much going in the second half, but running back Devine Redding did extend his streak of rushing for at least 100 yards to five games in a row. The Hoosiers also had some more issues on special teams as they had a punt blocked that Ball State recovered for a touchdown.


Offense bogs down in 2nd half

After racking up 283 total yards in the first half on 39 plays, the IU offense was only able to generate 170 total yards of offense on 33 plays in the second half against Ball State. Take away the 79-yard touchdown pass to Nick Westbrook and the IU offense had 91 yards of total offense on 32 plays in the third and fourth quarters combined. After the game Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson gave his thoughts on why the Hoosiers weren’t able to get in sync in the second half.

“Sometimes it’s on the edge with receivers not getting hats on the safety that are supporting the plays. So it’s everyone. Sometimes I think it is play-calling and scheme and trying to make everyone happy and sometimes I’m thinking why are we running this here. We kind of settled down at the end and just went back to some simple stuff that was working early. So we just got a little out of whack and we’ve got to do better.”

Indiana quarterback Richard Lagow thought the issues on offense in the second half had to do with the players losing focus.

“I just think we need to focus more,” Lagow said. “Not celebrate too early. If you score a touchdown get excited with your guys and then get back to the mission which is winning the game. That’s it.”

Running back Devine Redding said the offense was doing what they could to try and get things going again in the second half.

“We were just trying to find a rhythm,” Redding said. “Just trying to get things back going and trying to make some shots and some runs. Just trying to work with what we got.”

Indiana RB Devine Redding talking to the media after the win over Ball State:


Lagow solid in first home game

After a strong outing in his first game as a Hoosier at Florida International, Indiana quarterback Richard Lagow backed that up with a pretty good performance against Ball State. After the game Coach Wilson said he was pleased with how his QB played.

“Good,” he said when asked how he thought Lagow performed. “Protection has got to clean up. We didn’t do a good job of protecting for him. He did a nice job of getting up field. We’ve got to get it out of his hand. We had some protection break-downs and we’ve got get it out of his hand. We had some things coming open that broke down. We’ve got to clean that up. But I think he’s got a god look about him. Stats are stats but he’s 2-0 and that’s a good quarterback.”

The Indiana junior said he feels like he has made some good plays, but in his mind he has not made enough of them.

 “It needs to be better,” Lagow said when asked to evaluate his play after two games. “I made some good plays and I made some bad plays. I just need to continue to be more consistent.”

Lagow said after the game he thought he ended the FIU game well after struggling early, and against Ball State he thought he started well but did not finish like he wanted to.

“First game I would’ve liked to start better,” he said. “Second game, today, I would’ve liked to finish better. So I just need to continue to build the whole package and have one real complete game and then start stacking those up in a row.”

Redding said he has been impressed with the way Lagow has come in and played for the Hoosiers at the QB spot.

“He has played great,” Redding said. “He’s just got to keep it up and keep building and keep growing. He is going to be a good one.”

Indiana QB Richard Lagow talking to the media after the win over Ball State:


Wilson talks about blocked punt

The first touchdown of the game for Ball State came on a blocked punt that they were able to recover in the end zone. Coach Wilson said the issue was in a breakdown in blocking.

“Joe (Gedeon) has been kicking good,” Wilson said. “We just had a breakdown on the numbering of the count and who had who and we missed who we had and a guy got free. On the field we had it as a 1.85 (seconds) get off with snap and if you are under 2 (seconds) that is pretty good and that one got blocked so we’ve got to clean it up.”

Wilson said there is a good deal of time and effort spent on making sure the special teams units are where they need them to be.

“We spend a lot of time in this room (team room) talking kicking,” Wilson said. “We went through the season and showed punt blocks and punt plays that have haunted our team and that was disappointing. We knew before the game that one of the keys for Ball State would be to steal a possession in the kicking game somewhere, and we talked about punt block and we didn’t answer the call. We’ll have to clean that up.”

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