B1G Teleconference: Coach Wilson transcript

Read the full transcript of what Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson had to say today on the weekly Big Ten Coaches Teleconference.

Every Tuesday during the football season the Big Ten coaches participate in a teleconference with the media where they talk about their previous game and preview their upcoming opponent, and they also take questions from the media. has the full transcript of what Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson had to say during his portion of the coaches teleconference earlier today.

Opening Statement:

COACH WILSON: Thank you. I was proud of the way our guys played last week. Started early. played well in a lot of phases and have a lot to build on. To get those first two games out of the way, the first one a Thursday night kick and then the Ball State game and now an open date. A chance to do a little recruiting. We get back here at the end of the week and move on to not only Wake Forest, but also the nine game Big Ten schedule. We like a lot of the things we see but a lot of work needed. It is good to be sitting here 2-0 and have an open date.

Q - Kevin, can you give an assessment on how you think Richard (Lagow) has done in the first couple games as the starter? What he has done well and where he might need to put some polish on. Has he met your expectations or exceeded them?

COACH WILSON: Well, for sure he has met our expectations. He is 65 percent (completions) with no interceptions. We have bogged down some offensively but that is more attributed I think to the unit and execution and play-calling more than his play. He has had very few decisions that have been questioned why are you going there or forcing the ball. He has been very calm. I don't know if he has exceeded expectations, but he has played really, really good out the gate.

He has really become a gym rat with watching tape and getting immersed in the game plan. I think things to work on outside of knowledge of our offense and knowledge of communication or the ability to communicate great. He's a big, tall kid and he has to work on his footwork because when he gets his feet set he really makes some great, great throws. But he is a tall guy and when you get moving around the pocket it is sometimes easy for him to get out of balance. We do a lot of footwork drills and he is doing a lot on his own. He is some much better now than he was in the spring and he's off to a really good start. So I'm proud of the way he's playing.

Q - Hey Kevin, Camion Patrick has been out there dressed and warming up pre-game. What is the latest on him?

COACH WILSON: I think he gets a fair amount of practice work. He is not technically cleared full-go yet. With the open date week we'll see. We kind of thought as we came out of summer that by the first of October he would have a chance, and I think as much as anything I think his knee is healthy and strong. I think it is getting his quad strength and his muscle strength back around so he is completely stable and can make the sudden changes you need to make. So the knee injury is fine. He is getting a fair amount of individual and he is back in the flow but he is not full released yet but hopefully soon. I don't have a timeline. It is just kind of watching him and waiting to see what the doctors and the medical staff say.

Q - I saw him with the receivers the other day before the game. Do you have an idea of where he'll play when he is cleared? Or is it a situation where you can envision him moving around?

COACH WILSON: He came in as a receiver and as we went into last year he started playing some running back on the scout team and did well but we moved him around. We went through spring ball with him because we thought he might play some running back. We got him a lot of running back work just so he could learn protections and understand our pass protection scheme and route-running. Not only how to run a route and catch a ball but also how to do blitz to pick up a linebacker, safety, corner crash, whatever. So that was the reasoning of spring ball, just to escalate him as a running back and try to play him a little bit at both places.

Probably starting out he'll be a guy that moves around, but he'll probably start more on the perimeter. I think it will be a little less wear and tear as he gets his stamina and his legs back underneath him. Just excited to see him back, and we'll take advantage of his talents. We're just kind of waiting to see really where he is and what he can handle. Like I said, we'll probably start him on the perimeter and see how much he can handle and how healthy. Hopefully he'll be healthy and have a good year for us.

Q - We asked about Dan Feeney and Simmie Cobbs after the game. Is there kind of anything further on them? Where are they a few days later?

COACH WILSON: I know from a team we gave our guys a few days here and we're out recruiting and haven't seen those guys since Sunday. I think with the open date week here Dan will be in the concussion protocol. The doctors are really on top of that. I have not heard anything negative there.

Simmie Cobbs did have an injury that required ankle surgery and it happened here this morning. I got a text message that said that things went well. The timeline on that I think is based on the wear and tear...the timeline for recovery is maybe he can get back by the end of the year but he's got a redshirt year so we'll just see. But he did have surgery today and will be on the shelf for a while.

Q - You mentioned this is a big recruiting week. What are some of the priorities going forward with this class from a physical standpoint and a position standpoint?

COACH WILSON: We're in the day and age where so many guys commit early but you've still got to keep recruiting because who knows what those commitments mean anymore. So your seeing guys that have committed and seeing them play and seeing them practice. You are not really allowed to talk with the guys but you can do so much with text messaging and direct messaging and phone calls with the kid so you're able to have contact. But just seeing some guys. We thought it would be better to go early this week and give our guys a few days off. We're scouring these first couple, three days probably in some of these Southern regions where we can't come to as much. When it is a home game you can get to Indianapolis or Cincinnati or Chicago for games. So maybe a little bit more Southern recruiting this week.

D-line has been a priority, getting dynamic guys off the edge and big D-linemen. We're still looking to see if we can do anything at quarterback. If not we'll sit tight. We're looking at a couple of receivers. I think the tight position is critical in what we do. Greg Frey is going to need a couple O-linemen. I think our class will be balanced with numbers. We'll see what the numbers get to. Not maybe as many back end defensive back type players. We don't have a senior in the defensive backfield. It is a bunch of sophomores and juniors and a couple freshmen that are playing back there. It will probably be a defensive front oriented class and some O-line guys. We don't have a senior at running back. We don't have a senior quarterback. So it will probably be D-line and O-line with some tight end and receiver type guys and a couple linebackers. Top Stories