B1G Teleconference: Coach Wilson transcript

Read the full transcript of what Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson had to say today on the weekly Big Ten Coaches Teleconference.

Every Tuesday during the football season the Big Ten coaches participate in a teleconference with the media where they talk about their previous game and preview their upcoming opponent, and they also take questions from the media. has the full transcript of what Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson had to say during his portion of the coaches teleconference earlier today.

Opening Statement:

COACH WILSON: We had an open date so kind of getting back into the flow and rhythm of the season. I thought we had some good work last week. We got out on the road (recruiting). We had some really, really good work with our players from recovery and then practice.

We’ve got a really good challenge, Wake Forest comes in at 3-0. We played them last year and it was a game that went down to the last play, down to the wire. They come in as a better football team with Coach (Dave) Clawson’s crowd getting better each year. So we’re expecting a great challenge in our last non-league game in a 3:30 kick on BTN. So a good challenge and looking forward to continuing to move our team forward.

Q - If you are talking about the strongest guy on the football team where is Wes Martin in that conversation?

COACH WILSON: From just physical, weight room strength?

Q - Yeah.

COACH WILSON: He and Nate Hoff are the two statistical strongest guys with bench, clean, squat. Their numbers are very high. They both have done 500 (pounds) before (in bench press) and I think this year it might have been 480 (pounds) max so he is at a high bench. Same with the squat. His clings, power cling, are pushing 385 to 400 (pounds). So those two, if we are doing the strength team All-American awards both he and Nate Hoff are our two strongest weight room players.

Q - With a couple younger guys like (Brandon) Knight and (Coy) Cronk rotating at left tackle how much more responsibility does Wes (Martin) have making sure those guys are doing what they need to do and being where they need to be?

COACH WILSON: They are all kind of working as a group. I don’t know if there is a lot of…with as fast as we there is not a lot of conversations. We have good senior players and older players with Wes Martin and Wes Rogers and Jacob Bailey and Dan Feeney. We’ve got a bunch of veterans and those guys help, but as fast as we go I think it is probably more off the field help and meeting room help and on the sideline help. We practice so fast that you get used to and you just start trusting the guy beside you. There are not a whole lot of conversations that are going on. I think there is a lot of help going on, but I don’t know if it is verbal conversation while we’re playing a great deal.

Q - I was wondering what type of feedback you got from your call to arms to your fan base about hanging around for games.

COACH WILSON: We’ve had great crowds. If you go back last year our bowl game crowd was awesome, and was fantastic the whole game. The game went down to the wire, the last kick. We had a huge contingent of folks…we had more fans at FIU than they did. We had a great crowd there. We had a great crowd Saturday. Probably the most season tickets we hold. We’re playing a team that beat us several times in a row and right before the half we score a touchdown, we hold them, we kick a field goal. We come out of halftime and in two plays we score another touchdown and we’re up 27-0. Everybody says play winning football and we’re winning and it’s exciting. My thing is we’ve got a great stadium and when the fans get behind you then you can really feel them. With Wake Forest coming in we went down to the wire last year. Next is Michigan State. Next home game after that is Nebraska from your neck of the woods. I would just love…our team has got to play well…I really just want our fans to be engaged and what a positive impact they can have on our program.

We’ve got great people here. Our fans have been good, I just kind of want to have that energy the whole game. There are so many games in college football that go down to the wire, and I just don’t want our guys to take it for granted that the game is in the bag and let’s roll on out. We love our people and we’ve got a beautiful stadium. Our administration is putting millions of dollars into a great facility and I’d just love for this place to get rockin’ on Saturday’s. That comes back to performance on the field and coaching and playing. We’ve got a great slate of Big Ten games and I just want our fan base to rally and want our team to rally and collectively let’s feed of each other and have a great season. Top Stories