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B1G Teleconference: Coach Wilson transcript

Read the full transcript of what Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson had to say yesterday on the weekly Big Ten Coaches Teleconference.

Every Tuesday during the football season the Big Ten coaches participate in a teleconference with the media where they talk about their previous game and preview their upcoming opponent, and they also take questions from the media. has the full transcript of what Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson had to say during his portion of the teleconference yesterday.


Opening Statement:

COACH WILSON: Big challenge this week. We didn’t finish and too many mistakes in our performance last week. So disappointed with our performance here in our last non-conference game. Now getting into the nine game slate, nine in a row. Great challenge in what is always one of the premiere programs in our conference with what Coach (Mark) Dantonio’s team has done year after year and what they always do. So a big challenge for our football team. Michigan State comes in awfully good.


Q – I know you don’t play Penn State for a few weeks, but I was curious if you have seen the two viral videos of Penn State’s 250-pound kicker tackling the returners. If you did I was curious what your initial reaction was?

COACH WILSON: I haven’t seen it. Just kind of moving in our game and what we’ve done and moving on. I haven’t seen their scheme. A lot of times that kicker is the safety guy. I think all of us teach our guys to tackle, so if the guy made a good hit congrats to him. But I have not seen that play.


Q – You brought in the J.C. transfer (Richard) Lagow from Texas and I’m wondering if you expected this much this soon.

COACH WILSON: We thought he was the best guy we could find. We were just talking a minute ago with our coaching staff that part of our job is to develop players and get them right. If you don’t like what you have you better go find it. We felt last year with the way our situation was moving that we needed to look in the J.C. ranks. He was the guy that we targeted once we thought that was the direction. We were very fortunate to get him. What’s great is he had spring practice with us. We do think he’s got some decent guys around him. But last week even though we had some stat numbers, we as coaches and we as players let our quarterback down and put him in some bad situations that cost him some picks. He is doing well.

My only issue with him today is he got frustrated last week during the game and he got emotional and lost his composure and as our quarterback and a team leader we need him to learn from that because if you’re going to be a good football team your team leader needs to stay calm no matter what the situation. So to date that has been my only issue with Richard, and I want me as a coach and our coaches and players around him to pick it up and play better for him because if we play as a group he’ll do well, but it is a group thing.


Q – Is he a pure pocket-passer?

COACH WILSON: No, he can move around. He moves better than Nate (Sudfeld), but he’s not a guy that we run. I think last week there were two or three designed runs for him so there is some running. But he is a big kid and he does move well. He does have a good arm. We’re going to try and find more ways to use him in moving the pocket and run game. He’s not a stationary target but he is a big kid with a big arm and he does have good movement skills.


Q - I know you have a bunch of guys in the NFL, but more specifically this year Tevin Coleman and Jordan Howard have gotten off to pretty nice starts. I wanted to see how closely you and your staff follow those guys. Are you able to watch any games? How close are you keeping tabs on those two?

COACH WILSON: Well I think because of social media and the way things get out you are able to follow them. I know Coach (Deland) McCullough has talked to both of those guys prior to last week’s games because we’re asking how they’re doing. And we’re checking in with Jason Spriggs and Cody Latimer and all those guys. They’re doing well, but sometimes again it is the opportunity and being ready and taking advantage. I think in Jordan’s case there have been a couple injuries and he’s answering the call. I think the same deal with Tevin. It sounds like they both had good games. Those are two talented guys and we’re proud of them. We just have a hard time watching a lot of pro stuff until Thursday night because you’re kind of game planning so you just get bits and pieces. We’re relying on you guys that cover then to find out what’s going on. Top Stories