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5-star North Central 2017 forward Kris Wilkes recaps IU official visit

Indianapolis North Central five-star forward Kris Wilkes talks with Peegs.com to recap his official visit to Indiana.

Indianapolis North Central five-star forward Kris Wilkes talked with Peegs.com tonight to recap his official visit to Indiana.

The 6-foot-8 forward arrived at Indiana on Friday afternoon and stayed through today (Sunday).

“It was a great visit. I liked it a lot,” Wilkes said. “I’ve been down on campus so many times, getting back down there, seeing a lot more of the campus and seeing outside the gym, how they’re making it newer. It ’s going to be nice.”

Wilkes watched IU practice, took in the football team’s upset of No. 17 Michigan State, spent time with IU coach Tom Crean and his staff, hung out with the players and other recruits on campus and had a film session with Crean today.

“I pretty much know how he coaches from going to all those games for all those years,” said Wilkes, who has been attending Hoosier Hysteria and IU basketball games since middle school. “To see a practice and see how he runs it was cool.

“He stopped it a lot. It’s all about precision. He wants people to do it right. You don’t want to be sloppy. I see how they all work hard and they all play hard in practice. They get it done, and that’s good.”

Wilkes also spent time with IU strength and conditioning coach Lyonel Anderson.

“The strength and conditioning coach, he stood out the most. He had a great impact on my visit. I pretty much knew everybody else, but I got a chance to know him better.

“Then seeing Tom and the love he puts in the for the players. Just being there and seeing that was special.”

Anderson spent time with Wilkes.

“He showed me the numbers from him getting other players bigger. I’ve seen them practice. I see all the time he puts into them. He talks trash, but it’s all love,” Wilkes said with a laugh. “He’s all about making everybody better.”

Today, Wilkes had a film session with Crean.

“We went through a lot of film today before I left, and I really liked that. He showed me not just me scoring and getting buckets, but parts where I was missing shots,” Wilkes said.

“He showed me things that really help me, things with my feet, coming off screens. I liked that a lot. He taught me how I can improve.”

Wilkes also got an extensive tour of the Mark Cuban Center.

“That was good. That’s what I want to do, communications and broadcasting, so seeing where I’d be at if I was down there was nice,” Wilkes said.

Wilkes made the visit with his father, mother and younger brother, who is in seventh grade.

IU commit Al Durham, 6-foot-10 forward Clifton Moore, who committed to IU today, also were on official visits this weekend.

“I was with Juwan (Morgan) a lot of time. And I hung out with OG (Anunoby). I talked with all the players,” Wilkes said.

“I went to the football game then hung out with the players back and the dorm and talked with them about how they like it. It was pretty cool,” Wilkes said.

Wilkes already has made official visits to Illinois and UCLA and has scheduled visits to Xavier and Connecticut.

The favorite to win 2017 Indiana Mr. Basketball, Wilkes plans to make a college decision this fall.

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