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B1G Teleconference: Coach Wilson transcript

Read the full transcript of what Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson had to say earlier this week on the weekly Big Ten Coaches Teleconference.

Every Tuesday during the football season the Big Ten coaches participate in a teleconference with the media where they talk about their previous game and preview their upcoming opponent, and they also take questions from the media. has the full transcript of what Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson had to say during his portion of the teleconference earlier today.

Opening Statement:

COACH WILSON: Strong challenge last week. Played hard but not good enough. Another strong challenge with Nebraska coming in. they’re playing very, very well. A lot of similar traits to the team we just saw, very good offense, very dynamic, great quarterback. They are playing good ‘D’ and playing good football so another very strong challenge for our football team this week.


Q – What is your stance on the proposed early signing dates in college football that were announced last week?

COACH WILSON: There are so many different views from changing of the recruiting calendar and what not, but to me with the kids committing a lot of us as coaches would like to see the recruiting slow down. I think the best way to slow it down would be to make it final earlier. I think that would slow down offers. I think it would show if the kid was or wasn’t committed. I think it would also show if the offering school that had offered, did they really send the kid a scholarship.

I kind of like doing it at the end of the summer. We’re all habitual and I don’t think we want to change a lot of the calendars when we talk about summer visits. Whatever we do, whenever we do, with so many kids committing early it would really be nice to see if that is true or you’re wasting time. I’m for it because I truly think it would make us all slow down and make better decisions. I don’t think the recruits would mislead the coaches, or the coaches mislead the recruits as much.


Q – With the Big Ten going to the new replay system just wanted to see if you have noticed anything different with that. Has communication been a little bit better with the referees after a replay?

COACH WILSON: This year to me, and we’ve always had I thought very strong refs, but this year our communication during the game, and I always hear our head of officials talk about that, our game day officials have been great. They’ve got, I don’t know if our fans know this, but they’ve got the little wireless things where they are talking to themselves and they are communicating a lot during the game so I think our communication has been great.

I personally…each game it’s different from camera angles and when calls do get changed because of camera angles and some places have better cameras some games when it’s a better TV draw. I like the human element part of our game, and coaches making bad plays and good plays and players, and referees. I think calls are a part of the game so I’m kind of an old school guy that sometimes a missed call is a part of the game and you deal with it. But I think replay has been good, and I think our referees do a great job of communicating.


Q – Just to make sure, you are in favor of the proposal out there for a June signing date?

COACH WILSON: I liked it at the end of the summer. I didn’t really…all of these proposals don’t matter so I haven’t sat down and read them. I know there were several proposed. I like doing towards the end of summer before two-a-days get started. With all of these early commitments I just think as coaches and as players it would make coaches be more real about offers. It would show if the kid’s commitment was real. If a kid commits but doesn’t want to sign that means he’s still looking around, or if a coach doesn’t send a paper to a kid that is committed that means he took him but maybe there is something else he wanted.

There is a lot of…the word (commitment) doesn’t mean a lot right now. I’m like the old school hand shake, give your word mean something and I think the best way to do that is get the contract and make it official. I don’t think we need to speed it up. I just think we need to have two signing dates, one at the end of summer, and then the traditional recruiting period continues and we do the normal February signing date that we have.


Q – Is there any difference between the middle of June and the end of summer? Or is that when camps are going on?

COACH WILSON: To me when you go through June you have a chance for the kids to be here. I think July needs to be a dead period for coaches, which it has been. You’re limited, you can’t call them so they’ve got to call you. And it’s up to you…every coach can say that he has his summertime vacation, but every coach is on Twitter direct messaging and texting kids all the time, or he has an office assistant doing it for him.

I personally like go through your May recruiting, do your summer visits in June, give the coaches the July period, have the signing day at the end of summer if an early commitment wants to sign. If not, we go recruiting and keep marching on like we always do. I like the way the calendar is going right now. I wish we had an end of July period, lock them down if they’re good and let’s move on.


Q – Where have you seen Coy Cronk progress from his debut at FIU until now?

COACH WILSON: Well, he is still learning how to play. He is a very athletic kid, very big. He is learning how to play with the strength you need and the body control. Sometimes as a young player…he is coming out of an offense that ran the ball a lot so we’re teaching him how to slow down and use his athleticism and play with a little bit more body control. He’ll get a great challenge again this week because Nebraska’s pass rush, particularly off the edge, is very, very strong. We were very excited when he came here. He is a very talented player. He is off to a good start to what could be a good career.


Q – How have you seen Rashard Fant grow as a person off the field?

COACH WILSON: He has always been very, very smart. What he’s done is he has matured as a player and he’s playing with a lot of confidence. I just appreciate the way he is approaching the game. He has always been a very smart kid. He came out of a great high school, a private school kid out of Atlanta. Strong family. Always been talented, always been smart and now he’s using the combination of intelligence…where sometimes I think early his intelligence led him to question, and now I think he’s using his intelligence to put himself in good positions. He is trusting the coaches, he is trusting his teammates, and with that he is growing as a man.

Like I said, he is one of our best leaders and he is one of the best students. He is very well represented within our athletic department with many things that he does. Some of the services that our department does in our Excellence Academy. He is a tremendous young man and he is starting to play really good football. I’m really, really proud of him. Top Stories