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B1G Teleconference: Coach Wilson transcript

Read the full transcript of what Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson had to say yesterday on the weekly Big Ten Coaches Teleconference.

Every Tuesday during the football season the Big Ten coaches participate in a teleconference with the media where they talk about their previous game and preview their upcoming opponent, and they also take questions from the media. Peegs.com has the full transcript of what Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson had to say during his portion of the teleconference yesterday afternoon.


Opening Statement:

COACH WILSON: Disappointed with our loss. Played hard in our game against Nebraska. A good team. Another strong challenge this week. Northwestern is playing, very, very good so it will be a great test and a great challenge. We’ll need another strong week and we’ve got to find a way to a victory.


Q – What have you seen from Northwestern during their offensive turn-around? Why do you think they have had so much offensive success recently?

COACH WILSON: Very strong success going on the road playing two teams (Iowa & Michigan State) that have played as well as anyone, and play good defense and as well coached as anyone too. It is one thing to have a good game on back-to-back weeks with an open date in between. To me it looks like they got back to some basics. Relying on a really strong running back, and their line has really come together for them, and their receiver play has picked up.

With that being said, because the run game and the line playing well you can see their quarterback really maturing. I think they have a lot of pieces in place. It is a credit to Coach (Mick) McCall and to Pat (Fitzgerald). They’ve just kind of got them going in a good direction and they’ve played very well. Very, very impressive with what they’ve done the last few weeks. Not very surprised to tell you the truth.


Q – With Chase Dutra, how much extra work has he had to put in to catch up coming back from the injury and learning a new system on top of it?

COACH WILSON: That’s a great question. And not just learning the system, but anytime when you’re coming off an injury getting up to speed is not just getting healthy. As a player you’re always trying to get better, whether that means you’re learning through video tape at meetings, you’re doing what skill development work you can. He had a a foot injury so that limits a lot of the running you can do. What are you doing with your ball skills and your knowledge.

I think because Chase is one, a well-rounded athlete, two, he had played a lot his first two years and was able to bridge that gap. I think a lot of times people think you just plug-in and play an injured guy. When a guy has been on the shelf you have to knock the rust out. It’s a credit to Chase because sometimes you have to force it yourself. He’s worked at it hard and he’s back in the mix playing good football. He’s played great on special teams so he has been very solid the last few weeks.


Q – With Tegray (Scales), is there anything that impresses you the most about his approach this year, or his consistency the last month or so? Is there anything he is doing this year that just kind of makes you go wow?

COACH WILSON: I don’t know if I would say wow as much as I just appreciate…just like Rashard Fant, you see talented players that showed flashes as young players but you saw talent. Now you’re seeing the maturity, and the consistency, and the practice habits, and taking care of your body, and all of the things you need to do in development on a daily basis to be a really god player.

I’d say both he and Rashard are probably two of our better players that have just matured. You see all the talent as a young player, and as a coach or as fans you want them to be better and you get frustrated or you’re pushing them, but sometimes it takes a little time to season. Those two, and Tegray in particular, but I would also say Rashard, have really grown and matured on and off the field and it is making them better players.



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