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Coach Crean Verbatim: at Iowa has the transcript of what IU head coach Tom Crean said after Indiana's 96-90 overtime loss at Iowa last night.

Read the entire transcript of what Indiana head coach Tom Crean had to say to reporters last night following his team's 96-90 overtime loss on the road to the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Opening Statement:

12th game where it’s three points or less with a minute to go. It’s disheartening that we play as hard as we play…we make our mistakes, as do the other teams…to have not go our way. They’re working their tail off preparation-wise, practice-wise. We were fresh, we were energetic, we attacked better in the second half. I didn’t like in the first half as we got away from what we really practiced in the sense of keeping the game always on the attack.

When they went to the zone we got a little stagnant and that’s not the idea. The idea is not to be on the wing, the idea is to be in the corner, play through the high-post and reverse it, and we felt that the middle was a great place to attack, but it was too easy to cover us at times in the first half because we didn’t get down into the corner because we got stagnant. But we corrected a lot of that.

I’m not going to answer any questions, if anybody has them, on the free throws. I had no idea until I got back in there and saw the stat sheet. So don’t waste your time asking because the last thing I’m going to do is put myself in any situation for any fallback or any push-back. So not doing that. Go ahead.


Q – Can you talk about Peter Jok and his game and how he hurt you?

TOM CREAN: He’s good…he’s a good player…he’s good. He scored a lot of points, right? Yeah, he’s good. He’s a good player.


Q – The turnovers, you’ve spoken earlier about taking what’s available. What are you seeing that’s not being corrected?

TOM CREAN: Its times we’re so…we get away from the fundamental base and post feeding or driving the baseline when the post is loaded. That’s not how we practice. But again, what I’ve got to look back at is that at the end of the day we’re right there to win the game. It goes overtime and we don’t win it with the mistakes that were made. But when you look at the stat sheet I don’t know how we were in the game to be honest with you, but we were. I’ve got to watch the film and take it from there. Top Stories