Coaching candidate profile: Archie Miller

We big our Indiana coaching search candidate profiles with a look at Dayton head coach Archie Miller. Only 38 years old, Miller has had a tremendous six year run at the Atlantic 10 program.

When Dayton hired Archie Miller in 2011, it looked like a pretty smart move. Miller had worked eight years as a Division I assistant, seven in a Power Five conference.  An ACC point guard (NC State), son of coach and younger brother of a very successful high major coach. This wasn't exactly a reach by the Flyers when they looked to replace Brian Gregory after he left for Georgia Tech.

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His first season with Dayton saw Miller take the school to 20 wins. His third year he had the Flyers in the Elite Eight with 26 wins. Along that way Dayton upset three higher seeded teams in Syracuse, Ohio State and Stanford.

In the three seasons since that 2014 run, Miller has averaged over 25 wins. Each year the team has made the NCAA tournament  and the last two the Flyers earned the regular season Atlantic 10 title.

The recent success was notable because Dayton had to endure some roster hits. Last May the team was hit with tragic news when 7-foot Steve McElvene died from an apparent cardiac issue. The Indiana native had set a school record for blocks in his freshman season. Bradley transfer Josh Cunningham, a one time Indiana target from Chicago, was injured and missed two months of this season before a mid-February return. Lastly, highly touted 6-foot-10 Greek signee Kostas Antetokounmpo was redshirted after being a partial qualifier. His older brother Giannis stars for the Milwaukee Bucks and brother Thanasis played for the New York Knicks. 

Here's a look at the offensive and defensive efficiency ratings from Pomeroy ( along with other notable stats during his six seasons.

Year Offensive
Other Notable Record
2011-12 29 158 2nd in FT% 20-13
2012-13 29 145 18th in 3P% 17-14
2013-14 36 72 52nd in eFG% 26-11
2014-15 74 31 4th in FT rate 27-9
2015-16 146 15 6th in Def OR% 25-8
2016-17 53 40 12th in FT rate 24-8
AVG 61 77 ---- 23-11

Last year his team was exceptionally good defensively and continued a trend of getting better each season on defense.  The Flyers weren't quite as good defensively this year but much improved on offense. 

Here is Miller's full coaching record:

Year Full

Conference Only

2011-12 20-13 .606 9-7 .563 NIT R1
2012-13 17-14 .548 7-9 .428 None
2013-14 26-11 .703 10-6 .625 NCAA Elite 8
2014-15 27-9 .750 13-5 .722 NCAA R32
2015-16 25-8 .758 14-4 .778 NCAA R64
2016-17 24-8 .750 15-3 .833 NCAA R64
TOTAL 139-63 .688 68-34 .667 ---

It wasn't a good finish to the season for Dayton as the Flyers lost their final three games including a 64-58 loss to Wichita State. Both coaches commented after that game about how their teams deserved better seeds (7/10 game).


At 38 years old, Miller is going to be one of the youngest coaches we profile during this search. That could lead to a very long tenure at Indiana. Despite his age, Miler is going to have the connects of an older coach.  Besides the connections through his basketball family he's been around the country with assistant stops at Ohio State, NC State, Western Kentucky, Arizona and Arizona State. 

Miller is basically a Midwest guy, growing up in the Pittsburgh area and having been at Dayton now for six seasons. He also has two years of Big Ten experience working under Thad Matta at Ohio State.

Why he might not come

For the size of the school, Dayton has tremendous support. Just tremendous basketball tradition. As it stands now he makes an estimated $2 million per year and there are whispers the private school is ready to ante up again to keep him.

Miller might be reluctant for the Indiana spotlight and has turned down other big job offers. He may end up just staying in what's a good situation.

While he's a Midwest guy, Miller doesn't have a lot of Indiana connections other than recruiting a few players from the state over the years.

Why he may jump

How far can an Atlantic-10 program go?. Miller may have reached it with that third year run to the Elite Eight. Indiana's also in position to potentially double his salary. Dayton can come up with more but likely not that much more.

Bottom line

We have Miller high up on our board for a reason. He's proven himself in his six years as a head coach, is from the Midwest and is probably one of the more likely guys we'll profile to actually say yes. He's seen his older brother succeed at each level and might want to get to that highest level himself and the resources and support at Indiana are hard to match. Top Stories