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De'Ron Davis will stay at Indiana, his coach says

Saying "He has no interest in being anywhere else," the high school coach of De'Ron Davis tells Peegs.com that not only will the 6-foot-10 freshman center be at Indiana next year, he has a clear plan for what he wants to improve on during the offseason.

Indiana freshman center De’Ron Davis is not considering transferring and has clear goals for offseason improvement, his high school coach says.

The 6-foot-10 center will be at Indiana next season and wants to become an even better back to the basket player.

Davis “absolutely” will be at IU next year, Overland (Colo.) High School coach Danny Fisher told Peegs.com.

Tom Crean, who recruited Davis over the course of four years, was fired on Thursday as the IU basketball coach.

“It was really tough on him emotionally,” Fisher said. “Like we’ve talked about over the years, he built a great relationship with that staff. They were loyal to him, and he reciprocated, so this was emotional for him.

“But he is mature enough to understand he’s at Indiana. There are not many places he’ll have the opportunity to play at that level.

“I’ve heard from a couple different schools — I’m not going to say which ones. One of them reached out before coach Crean and his staff were let go and a couple after.

“He has no intention of even considering anything else. He is focused on getting better this offseason. He has no interest in being anywhere else.”

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Davis averaged 5.9 points and 3.1 rebounds while playing 13.9 minutes per game. Davis played in all 34 of IU’s games, with four starts.

He had some academic work to complete over the summer, so he didn’t have the normal summer at IU for physical and skill development after arriving in August.

“The support he received from the fan base, from the media, he feels pretty good about his freshman season, even though he didn’t have a chance to get there as early as he should have to develop in the offseason,” Fisher said.

“He felt he improved quite a bit. Being at Indiana, the support he got from the fan base, he knows that is place that is going to develop him as a person.”

Listed at 6-foot-10, 240 pounds, Davis was best as a freshmen in low-post situations.

This offseason, he wants to make physical improvements and add to his explosion.

“The place where he struggled the most not being there over the summer is his lower body strength and his explosion,” Fisher said. “Physically is where he wants to make the most improvements. He’s moving straight-legged.

“His weight is at a comfortable place. Now he wants to get to where he moves better.

“He did pretty well in one-on-one post opportunities. … He wants to be a back-to-the-basket guy. He doesn’t want to be out there shooting 3s.

“He wants to add to his mid-range game within the parameters of what the new coach wants to do, but he really wants to be a back-to-the-basket guy. Adding to his legs, his explosion, those are things he really wants to work on.”

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