Gregg Marshall: Recruiting Profile

Wichita State's season ended on Sunday in a close loss to the ultra talented Kentucky Wildcats. Here is a look at coaching candidate Gregg Marshall, and what he brings from a recruiting perspective.

Now that the Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball team is searching for a new head coach, it is pertinent to take a look at some of the key names and how they have fared on the recruiting trail. Here is a look current Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall.

Marshall has now been a college head coach for 19 years, but never at a school above the mid-major plus level. He initially coached nine years at Winthrop and now just finished year 10 at Wichita State.

Because Marshall has never been at a high profile job, it is tough to know how his recruiting would translate to Indiana where the focus would almost assuredly be on different kids.

One staple that we know of Marshall is that he likes to go after junior college talent. He has a talented staff of assistant coaches with deep ties to the junior college ranks.

Though this past year’s team only featured two junior college prospects, in the past staples of Wichita State such as Cleanthony Early, Darius Carter, Nick Wiggins, and Carl Hall all came to Marshall’s squad from the junior college ranks.

Junior college recruiting hasn’t typically been a major focus at Indiana, but if Marshall were to get the job, it is very likely that he would continue to try and mine the talent at that level in order to keep an older roster with more physically mature kids.

While junior college has been a big focus for Marshall, he has also been very effective in getting high school talent that he identifies during the recruiting process.

The two biggest gets for him in terms of legacy have been Fred Van Vleet and Ron Baker. It is tough to give him too much recruiting credit for Baker since he only offered him a walkon spot initially, but with Van Vleet he identified the kid early on, locked in on him, and then was able to land him over several Missouri Valley schools. Van Vleet ended up becoming a top 100 recruit by the end of his senior season.

We also do have a bit of a track record for Marshall recruiting against high-major schools.

On the current roster he landed start point guard Landry Shamet over Illinois, Kansas State, Colorado, Nebraska, and Creighton. Shamet is looking like he could be the next star at Wichita State.

Also Rashard Kelly and Markis McDuffie had significant high-major interest. McDuffie had offers from Virginia Commonwealth, Rutgers, Boston College, and SMU while Kelly considered Xavier, Cincinnati, and George Washington.

Even though Wichita has raised their profile, and can now compete with lower high-majors on the recruiting trail as evidenced by Shamet, McDuffie, and Kelly, in general Marshall and his staff tend to focus on more under the radar kids.

Players such as Shaq Morris and Zach Brown were both under the radar high school recruits who have turned out to be key cogs in the Wichita machine.

The question from a recruiting perspective when it comes to Marshall and Indiana is will he be able to land the five-star McDonald’s All-Americans, or to that point if he even wants to.

Marshall has been very successful using his current formula, and in the past he has indicated he might not want to step outside of his comfort zone in that regard. If Marshall were to land at Indiana it would be interesting to see what approach he would take on the recruiting trail. Top Stories