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National reaction: "This was a sensational hire"

Indiana’s hiring of Archie Miller as its next basketball coach has been met with overwhelming praise nationally. The Hoosiers have hired what many see as a rising star in the coaching profession.

Indiana’s hiring of Archie Miller as its next basketball coach has been met with overwhelming praise nationally.

The Hoosiers have hired what many see as a rising star in the coaching profession.

Miller has agreed to a seven-year deal with Indiana, sources tell reached out to a number of national college basketball and recruiting analysts.

Here is what they told us:

Jeff Goodman, ESPN:

"Fred Glass and Indiana hit a grand slam. I’ll put Archie Miller up against just about any young coach in the country.

“I’ve known him since he broke into the coaching profession, and he’s a tremendous X’s and O’s guy who is a relentless worker. He’s smart, has that chip on his shoulder -- and will fight. This wasn’t just a good hire; this was a sensational hire.”

Gary Parrish, CBS:

“I really like the hire. Known Archie for a long time. He’s a star. A serious man who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Totally focused but also fun. Tremendous reputation within the industry. This is a good day for the Hoosiers.”

Paul Biancardi, ESPN:

“I have known Archie Miller since his high school and college playing days. Archie is super competitive with a tremendous work ethic and drive to be successful. Those are two basic traits needed to be successful.

“This is an outstanding hire because Archie has a deep, strong, and successful resume in the game. You can't just be a good coach or recruiter you need to be well-versed in so many areas to a head coach of a major program.

“Archie has a completeness to him, and at the Big Ten level you need that with all the heavy demands both in and out of season.

“Archie has several strong suits. His coaching acumen is extremely impressive as he manages a game and game plans at a high level. His attention to practice and player development is outstanding.

“He not only understands the importance of recruiting, but displays a recruiting prowess  needed to be successful at Big Ten level. Being the son of a very successful high school coach (John Miller) and the brother of (Sean  Miller Arizona) he understands and values the importance of the high school and summer coaches in the recruiting landscape. He will make securing the state of Indiana a priory in recruiting.

“At Dayton, basketball is everything and he thrived in that environment. He is prepared to handle the experience of Indiana basketball in a first-class manner and will be very aggressive in doing so. Hopefully the fan base and alumni will give him their full support.”

Evan Daniels,

"I think this was an absolutely terrific hire by Indiana. Archie Miller is an impressive basketball coach that did a great job of not only maintaining success at Dayton, but building on it."

"Archie Miller is not only a good coach, but he relates well with his players, coaches with a passion and does a great job on the recruiting trail."

Brian Snow,

“Within the industry, Archie is considered one of the best young coaches in the country. He has a great combination of Xs and Os while complimenting that by being a solid recruiter. He did a tremendous job building relationships at Dayton and also as an assistant at Ohio State and Arizona.

“Because he was an assistant at Ohio State and Arizona, he’s used to recruiting high-level and he knows how to grind it in recruiting battles like he did at Dayton.”

Mike DeCourcy, Sporting News:

“I think it’s a tremendous hire. I knew all along that Indiana was the kind of place that Archie was waiting to hear from. He had a lot of opportunities after the Elite Eight run in 2014. He’s been very smart and very patient about his next career step. He’s taken one of the best jobs in college coaching.

“The first thing that stands out is he’s about as competitive a coach as I’ve come across. You don’t get far without that being one of your main personality traits. You have to be highly, highly competitive. Just like there are great shooters and then there’s Rick Barry, there are guys like Arch who have another tick, that even the above-average guys don’t have. He’s really intense. He’s really driven. He’s really smart.”

“One of the first things that impressed me when he went to Dayton was the people he gathered around him with Kevin Kuwik, Bill Comar, Tom Ostrom and Allen Griffin. They’re all really sharp guys. There are no hangers-on there, nobody just collecting a check.

“They all contributed at a high level to Dayton’s success. I’m not sure what will be his next step about his staff at IU. I’m sure a lot of those guys will be a part of it. He was really smart about building a staff that would work at a high level.”

Some have made comments about Indiana not hiring a “big-name” coach. What are your thoughts about that?

“I would like to see the list of programs that have hired a quote unquote big name and were celebrating in the Final Four five years later or 10 years later,” DeCourcy said. “How many are there? Obviously, Kentucky hired John Calipari, but it is not often you have guys like Cal at Memphis and you can get him from there.

“There are elite coaches like Archie Miller, like Chris Collins, like a Gregg Marshall. They hired the one they felt fit them the best. We don’t know if other coaches were discussed or approached.

“They found the one in that group that works for them. I don’t know how much bigger a name you can get than a guy who has coached in four consecutive NCAA Tournaments and has been to an Elite Eight. Maybe Brad Stevens or Billy Donovan, but those guys aren’t leaving the NBA.”

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