Archie Miller's three levels to success at Indiana

Archie Miller identifies the three levels he views important in building the Indiana program.

During today's afternoon press conference announcing his hiring, new Indiana coach Archie Miller goes through the three levels he views as keys to building the Hoosier program:

"I think Fred and I discussed this probably more so than anything, we're going to approach the program on three levels, and those three levels are going to really be embraced and attacked very hard," Miller said.

Level 1: Embrace the Past

"The first level is obviously our past. Every player, every former coach, every former manager that laid the groundwork for this place to be what it is today, we owe them a lot, and our effort level and our give-back has to be really unmatched, and they have to feel that they're a part of everything that we do, and our players have to feel that power. That's something we are going to really fight hard for."

Level 2: The Current

"The current, which is our current team, who sits before you. They're our players. I didn't recruit them, and as I told them, they are my players. We invest in everything, and they all matter right now, and I think that there is value to every single individual on our team. They deserve the very best. They deserve the very best from not only our academic support and our staff, our strength coaches, you name it, but they deserve the very best because of what they're representing, and they're going to be pushed very hard in everything they do on and off the floor. There's an expectation that comes with being an IU player, and they're going to understand that every day.

"But the word "dream" was used, as well, today, and I think a lot of it can be misguided. We're going to do everything in our power as we deal with them to help them reach their dreams, which they're all going to be different, but at the same time, if we work like that to help them reach their dreams, then in return we're going to have an opportunity to reach our dreams because we're going to get maximum commitment back, which is what everybody expects here.

"The last part for our current guys is an expectation as a student and a degree. A degree is very important. It'll be something that we talk about regularly. To graduate from Indiana University and play here, your avenues and your doors are open much wider than most probably realize, and nothing will be more important off the floor other than a degree."

Level 3: The Future

"The last part of the level, the third level, is the future. And the future is the recruiting. And we're going to have a great way about us, and the term that we'll use is called inside-out. We have to start inside this state of Indiana, and we have to start moving outside very slowly, because the footprint is there. The inside-out approach means that we have to dedicate ourselves to the high school coaches in this state, the high school talent in this state, the grass-roots programs in this state, and they must feel like they're being dominated by Indiana University. You're not going to get every player; you understand that. But if we want them, we should have a great chance of getting them because of the commitment level that we're putting forth 24 hours a day at home.

"As you move further out, you have our great footprint of the Big Ten. Some of our best players that have ever played here aren't from Indiana, and we have to be able to capitalize on that, as well.

"And then the third thing as you go outside even a little further is how can you find those difference makers that come from all over the place, New York, overseas, I don't know, but if they fit the profile and we have an opportunity to bring a difference maker here, then that will always trump us to try and bring a championship player.

"But inside-out is the theme, and I think if you start with the past, you deal with our current, and you work that hard at those three levels, I think you can deliver all what we want because it's been done before." Top Stories