IU Hoop Notebook: Archie Miller era underway

Team workouts are underway as new Indiana coach Archie Miller begins to make his imprint on Hoosier basketball. We'll bring you an update on that front plus recap a couple of Miller's recent media interviews.

It's now been over a week since Archie Miller was formally introduced as Indiana's newest men's basketball coach.

So what's been going on under the new guy in charge?

Well last night the official IU hoop twitter account released this video of some big man drills being conducted on the courts of the Cook Hall practice facility:


The above workout brought on a couple popular threads on our premium hoops board. 

Join the discussion here: Big Man Workout @IndianaMBB | IUBB Tweet 

More from Miller this week

In the past couple days we've also seen this coach Miller 1-on-1 interview with Glenn Marini of WANE-TV in Fort Wayne, along with this radio interview with 1070 AM from Indianapolis, where Miller appeared on the The Ride with JMV afternoon show.

Here are a few select quotes of note from each:


On why he's known as "Archie" instead of his first name of Ryan. Most people know it is related to the Archie Bunker personality on the All in the Family show in the 1970's.

Miller: I think I made things miserable on people. Ornery. I don't remember ever being called anything else....it's been a really unique thing but my mom doesn't really appreciate it. 

On keeping the local in-state players from leaving the state for other colleges:

Miller: People in the state need to know that's serious business for us. The high school coaches, the high school talent, the families in this state, they need to understand when we come in and we want somebody, that's what we mean. 

I think we will spend an abnormal amount of time in the state. We need to do a great job of understanding that people should want to give their sons to us---because they're not only coming to a great place, but because they're going to get treated right. 

The relationships that we start to build here early on, the conversations, they can't be false. They have to be real.  We have to be as genuine as we possibly can in terms of our time with them. Over the course of time when you have that mentality with this brand, typically good things will happen.

On offensive style of play:

Miller: On makes and misses the ball will move. We want to play on the run and we want to play with great space. I think we want to be a team that attacks the rim. Play inside-out. Have always had the philosophy of working to get to the foul line. Always something we have taken great pride in. 


The interview spends some time on Miller's thoughts today on the sudden passing away of local Fort Wayne product Steve McElvene (New Haven HS), who went to Dayton. The 6-foot-11 center died less than 11 months ago from cardiac arrest related to an enlarged heart after a freshman season that saw him break the Dayton school record for blocked shots in single season. 

You'll definitely want to watch that and other parts of the interview.

1070 AM - The Ride With JMV

A couple excerpts from this radio interview: 

On building his staff:

Miller:  Nothing official yet but there will be some things getting announced here sooner rather than later. But I am going to take my time with it, I am not in a big rush. 

One thing I really want to have happen is the perfect balance of guys that can take this to a championship level staff. Every guy on the staff has to have the experience at the highest level. not just with recruiting but with coaching and developing players.  You can do that at Indiana. 

On whether any players have told him whether they're staying (or leaving):

Miller: Yeah but nothing specific yet. Nothing official. We're pretty much dealing with some of the current guys with pro aspirations and some guys that are coming into their last couple years who want to evaluate their situations in terms of what they need to do to maybe be in that discussion with the NBA or whatever.

We'll try to get every guy sort of rock solid with their decision on what they're wanting to do and probably announce it at one time.

The other part is the recruiting class that was signed. We have to get in front of those guys as well and figure out what's best not only for Indiana University but what's best for their families and their kids. it's a brand new process, recruiting a kid for the first time. Regardless of whether they're committed or not, it is not the same Indiana that they know.

A lot of moving parts. That is probably the most interesting thing about the job right now. You can't really put a grip on your current roster because they're a lot of unknowns. 

John Groce to Akron?

As reported here last Friday, former Illinois head coach John Groce was considered one of the front runners for an assistant position under Archie Miller's new Indiana staff if he wasn't able to land a desirable head coaching opportunity.

Now it looks like Groce could be introduced as soon as today or tomorrow as the new head coach of Akron.

Groce was a successful head coaching in the MAC for Ohio and spent several years under Thad Matta at Ohio State. He's an Indiana native who went to college at Taylor and was expected to take a lead role for Miller in recruiting Indiana if he joined the Hoosier staff.

Former Drexel and UMass head coach James "Bruiser" Flint is expected to join the staff. Also expected to be one of the three main assistants is Tom Ostrom, a member of Miller's staff at Dayton. An official announcement may have to wait until the final assistant is brought on board.

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