Keion Brooks (Photo: Mike Pegram)

Archie Miller impresses 5-star Keion Brooks and his family

Archie Miller’s first in-person meeting with the state’s top 2019 prospect had a big impact. Keion Brooks Sr. talks with about the meeting and why he was so impressed by the new IU basketball coach.

Archie Miller’s first in-person meeting with the state’s top 2019 prospect had a big impact.

The new Indiana basketball coach made a trip to Fort Wayne North on Wednesday to meet with five-star forward Keion Brooks, his parents and high school coaches.

Miller also offered a scholarship in person to the 6-foot-7 forward ranked No. 14 overall in the 2019 class.

“I had talked to him on the phone, and meeting him it was the same. He was straightforward. He had some great things to say about the program, the direction they're going,” Keion Brooks Sr. said. 

“He wanted it to be known that he was really, really going to recruit Keion hard. That’s a great sign, seeing the head coach come out and say that.

“He’s a great guy, easy to talk to. Me and coach (Schilling) did a lot of talking as well. Any time you get a school like IU coming in and the head coach coming in, any kid that grows up in Indiana is going to love that.”

Keion Brooks Sr. played two years for Schilling at Wright State.

The Brooks family really liked Miller’s straightforward approach.

“He didn’t throw any crazy act into the recruitment. He said, ‘We want you, and we’re coming hard after you.’ That meant a lot when you get that from the head coach,” Brooks Sr. said.

“You want to hear it from the boss. That makes a big impression. You hear from the assistants, who are a voice of the coach, but it’s nothing like hearing it straight out of the horses mouth.

“He talked about things he sees in Keion’s game that he likes. It was good. You talk about doing your homework, you would have thought he had been recruiting him already.”

Brooks and his family are planning to make a visit to IU later in the summer, possibly in June.

“We’re going to go down once the summer kind of slows down,” Brooks Sr. said. “He wants to get us down on campus when the teams it here so we can meet the staff, meet all the players, see everything from the inside perspective, what they’re going to be about.

“It was very good. It was very exciting to see. He has some real good stuff going on.”

For Brooks Sr., there is the relationship with Schilling that has existed since Brooks Sr. was in college.

“Coach has always been a good guy. Even when he was at UCLA, we always talked. I saw him a couple times. He is still coach and still is full of energy and ready to make somebody better,” Brooks Sr. said.

“That’s comforting to know there’s a guy on the staff that can definitely make him better and improve his game in all aspects. That’s a big piece.

“He’ll get high-level training. Some of the best in the world comes from coach Schilling. That’s always a big factor. The staff that is there is prepared to make him better. Most are at that level, but having that personal relationship, that means a lot.”

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