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Jallow enjoys unofficial with new IU staff

Musa Jallow's unofficial visits to Indiana are too numerous to mention. That's why he helped lead some of the tour of the facilities last week with the new coaching staff at IU.

A fixture at times behind the Indiana bench, Bloomington North wing Musa Jallow is pretty knowledgeable about how to get around Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

That knowledge game in handy when he made his first unofficial to the IU campus under the new regime led by head coach Archie MIller.

Last Saturday while playing in Mansfield, Texas at the NY2LA league stop, he spoke about last week's trip to the basketball offices.

"It was weird seeing all the new coaches," Jallow said. "I knew how to get down to the gym and they didn't even know how to do it. I had to lead the way. But they're all good people and I really enjoyed being there."

Part of the trip he met with new strength coach Clif Marshall. That's a big deal to Jallow as he plans to major in Kinesiology.

He spoke to other highlights of the short trip.

"When we first got there (Miller) introduced all the coaches and (talked) about their backgrounds," Jallow said. "We watched some film on Dayton and how he wanted to play.  How I would fit in his system...and I was able to watch one of their guard workouts."

That guard workout was run by Indiana assistant coach Ed Schilling.

"Coach Schilling, he's a great skills development guy," Jallow said. "He was out there showing the guys with his handles and such, so that was pretty cool to watch."

He has seen the Stanford campus.

"That place is just amazing," Jallow said. "Going that far to that type of school would be pretty easy."

Jallow has also made a trip to the Virginia campus and has a solid relationship already with head coach Tony Bennett.

"Coach Bennett, he's just a great coach. I talk to him a lot and I really like what he's about. I like their defensive intensity. Just like the atmosphere there."

Jallow spoke to us after his first game on Saturday and his second of the live period that began on Friday night. He ran down the colleges that had at that point made the trip to Mansfield to catch him first hand.

"I think it was coach Schilling that was here (last night) and a coach from Virginia. Then Stanford was at the last game, so was Michigan."

Note: Indiana head coach Archie Miller attended his late game on Saturday. 

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