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Various reports about James Blackmon Jr.'s future

Indiana leading scorer James Blackmon Jr. has declared for the NBA, but there are various reports about where things stand and whether or not he has hired an agent.

Indiana junior guard James Blackmon Jr. is back in the news.

Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports reports Blackmon “will sign with an agent and remain in the 2017 NBA Draft.”

However, Blackmon’s family says Blackmon has not signed with agent and no final decision has been made at this point.

Certainly with wording of “will sign,” that allows the opening of Blackmon signing with an agent at any point in the future prior to the draft and very much could turn out to be true.

So, at this point in time, the situation seems a bit in limbo until there is a firm decision from the Blackmon family.

Players who have not hired an agent have until May 24 to withdraw from the draft and preserve their college eligibility.

Indiana sophomore center Thomas Bryant and sophomore forward OG Anunoby have declared for the NBA draft with agents, giving up their college eligibility.

Indiana junior guard Robert Johnson also has declared for the draft and not hired an agent.

Blackmon led Indiana in scoring last year at 17.0 points and shot 42.3 percent (91-for-215) from the arc.

Blackmon (17.0), Johnson (12.8), Bryant (12.6) and Anunoby (11.1) were the top four scorers last year based on points per game for Indiana’s 18-16 squad.

Blackmon went through IU graduation ceremonies on Saturday. While he doesn't have his degree just yet, he is within the parameters of having the potential to finish this summer.

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