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Archie: De’Ron Davis 'slim down' going well

De'Ron Davis is making real progress in slimming down and it's making a difference on the court and in his mindset.

It’s only been a couple months but Archie Miller seems happy with a much needed “slim down” from sophomore-to-be big man De’Ron Davis.

“He’s doing really well,” Miller said. “He’s heading into his fourth week. We always said if De’Ron could stay the whole summer, the first four weeks would really set him off.”

There’s some solid evidence that's exactly what has happened.

“I think he was 271 pounds when we started and we’re hoping by the end of this week that he’ll be around 255 or 254 pounds," Miller said. "So he’s already down 16 pounds.”

Davis was mainly a backup his freshman season to Thomas Bryant but now will likely be the starter at center his sophomore season. In 2016-17 he played in all 34 games and made four starts, averaging 5.9 points and 3.1 rebounds in 13.9 minutes of action. He shot 48.5 percent from the floor and 75.6 percent at the free throw line. 

Those numbers likely would have been significantly better had he had the summer with the IU trainers but unlike the other members of his class, Davis didn’t arrive to Bloomington until days before his first class in the fall semester. Minor injuries slowed him down once he arrived.

The progress he’s made in slimming down this spring is making a difference in his attitude or mindset.

“You can start to see the bound in him when he’s on the floor, when he’s in the locker room, when he’s around our staff. A more positive bounce. I think he feels good about what he’s doing,” Miller said.

And there’s more to be done.

“We’re going to break it up and go four more weeks and see where he’s at after that but if he stays with it and keeps doing what we’re doing, he’s going to set himself up for a great start,” Miller said.

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