Miller sees big things from Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson got the feedback he was looking for and according to new Indiana coach Archie Miller, is one motivated Hoosier right now.

Robert Johnson put his name into the draft but unlike three other Hoosiers, he took his name out before the late May deadline. 

For Archie Miller and the 2017-18 Hoosiers, that's a big news. That team will now enjoy a senior leader at guard with three years of starting experience.

Whether it was that experience or the fact that this is his last go around, but the new Hoosier coach has a very motivated player to work with this summer based on his comments last night at the Huber Farms tailgate tour stop in Borden, Indiana.

"Rob did a great job in the spring, communicated fairly regularly with him," Miller said. "He wanted the feedback, the information from people to see what he needed to do to improve. That was his whole plan and what is great about the rule." 

As a junior the Richmond, Virginia native saw his scoring average go up nearly five points a game to 12.8 p.p.g., but a late season slump probably has him wanting much more in his final year. 

"Through about four weeks he's been about as focused a basketball player as I have been around," Miller said. "He's all business right watch him through about a four week summer period, he's really impressive. He's setting himself up to do what he wants to do, which is to have a great senior campaign."

Along with Collin Hartman, Johnson is one of the two obvious guys to be major leaders this year.

"He's going to be an important (guy) for the rest of the summer as the guys look for somebody to see how we're doing things and to see how it has been going since they've been gone. He's giving them a great blueprint for when we start with our second summer session," Miller said.

Johnson was one of five Hoosiers who stayed through the first summer session. The others were Hartman, De'Ron Davis, Curtis Jones and Juwan Morgan.

"I don't know if I have ever been around a more driven, focused kid in the last month," Miller said. "Everyone knows that he put his name into the draft but Rob's whole intention with that was information. Guys do it for one reason or another and Rob wanted information on where he stacks up with a lot of other guys and what they would say if they brought him in. 

"He got his information, so he knows that he has to do. But I will tell you this, he has been about as possessed a guy that I have been around. Not only in the pre-spring, but in the last three weeks he's made a jump as a player that we haven't seen in a long time. I think he's set up to have a great year."

There's one remaining key to help make that happen in Miller's mind.

"We have to get him to talk a little bit more," Miller said. "He's sort of been one of those guys that goes to work, punches that clock, and bam he's gone. Does his job.

"We need Rob to step outside his shell a little bit. I think Bruiser (Flint) mentioned to him early on this summer (session), 'hey, you're going to have to talk. You're going to actually have to say something to that guy next to you.'  And he has. In the weight room yesterday, he and Collin---listening to them talk to one another, it's good. He was on the court yesterday day with Curtis and talking to him. He wants to do the right thing." Top Stories