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Player intro: Forest Park 2021 forward Curt Hopf

Get to know Forest Park 2021 prospect Curt Hopf, who has an Indiana unofficial visit coming up this month and was selected as an all-star at the Crossroads Elite Invitational over the weekend.

Curt Hopf’s first showing on a national stage went very well.

The 6-foot-6 forward who will be a freshman at Forest Park (IN) this fall was selected as an all-star at the Crossroads Elite Invitational over the weekend and played on the team that won the all-star competition at the event that included several hundred players from all around the country.

Hopf clearly earned his spot as one of the top performers at the camp.

He scored inside with both hands, rebounded very well for his size, hit jump shots and showed he could also handle the ball very well for his size and age.

He is the youngest of the two Hopf brothers. Older brother Clint Hopf led Forest Park to Class 2A state titles in 2005 and 2006 before suffering an ACL injury as a senior, was a 2007 Indiana All-Star and played college basketball at Evansville.

Curt Hopf already has caught the eye of Indiana coaches and plans to make an unofficial visit to IU in June. His high school team also is scheduled to play in IU’s team camp in the later portion of June along with a number of other very good teams from around Indiana and the Midwest.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he said of his IU unofficial visit. “It’s a chance to see what the campus is like and everything.”

Just entering high school this fall, things are only beginning for Hopf, who has played multiple positions growing up.

“I played a little bit of all of it. On our school team, I was the point guard for basically the whole season. I could play center whenever they needed me to. If they had big guys, I could take them,” Hopf said.

“I worked on all positions, trying to be the best player I could.”

Older brother Clint has been both a big influence and a big motivation.

“My eighth-grade graduation, we’re walking up there, and he has his big ole jersey hung up there with Indiana All-Stars on it. I look up there, and I want to top that,” Hopf said.

“He’s my inspiration. I want to beat him.” Top Stories