Tim Sergi commits to IU

At the beginning of last fall, Roncalli High School's Tim Sergi was picked to be one of the best football players in the state of Indiana and compete for Mr. Football in the state. His season was cut short by a torn ACL, but that didn't stop the colleges from wanting this young man to play football for them. Last weekend, Sergi was in Bloomington for his official visit with the Hoosiers and told coach Terry Hoeppner of his plans for college ball.

Sergi decided to become the Hoosiers third kid from Indiana in the class to go along with Brandon Walker-Roby and Ty Harangody. He said that Roncalli and their three championship seasons were fun to be a part of. But after playing three plays in the state championship game, Sergi is ready to really play football again.

When he arrives on campus in the summer for workouts, the Hoosiers will have to find a place on the field for the young man. He said, "We're not sure where I'll play, probably either at safety or at wide receiver, we'll see in the fall." Sergi was a running back and safety in high school, but could convert well to a wide out in Hoeppner's spread offense.

When asked about his official visit, Sergi said, "I had my official visit this weekend. I had a great time down there. And I really like the new coaching staff there. I think coach Hoeppner is a great coach. I think IU football is on the rise, and I really want to be a part of it."

Fullback Josiah Sears was Sergi's host on his visit, and he had a good time with Sears and the rest of the team, building a few teammate friendships before attending the school. Sergi said, "I had a fun time with Sears and all the other football players, they really showed me a good time."

Sergi explained that he chose Indiana for a variety of reasons, "I like the school, it's convenient and not too far away from home. The coaches were also a very big reason for my choice. I really like the staff. I like the way they presented Indiana and I liked the guys. Overall, I think that it's the best fit for me."

Sergi also looks to take advantage of his education opportunities, as he plans on going for a business major at the Kelley School. He currently prefers marketing, but said that was a long ways off from now.

As for how his knee has been doing since the surgery? Tim said, "My knee is coming along really well. I should be 100% by summer."

This is a very good pickup for Indiana, and coach Hoeppner did a nice job to make some ties with Roncalli as a place for Indiana to recruit from. They are constantly among the top in the state, and produce some major prospect from their ranks. All in all this was a great pickup for the Hoosiers.

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