Ready To Wing It

Just days before the start of the fall semester, IU Coach Mike Davis got the wing player that he wanted all along.

Just days before the start of the fall semester, IU Coach Mike Davis got the wing player that he wanted all along.

It wasn't the 6-6 Brandon Rush, who appears destined to enroll at Kansas if he's cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse. Instead, it's 6-10, 250-pound Cem Dinc who expects to be doing his damage from outside the paint.

It's not often that a player with Dinc's size creates problems for opponents with his ability to shoot the 3-pointer and put the ball on the floor and attack the basket, but that's the role Dinc says Davis has in mind for him this season.

"I'm 6-10 and play the 2 and 3 positions, and that's very uncommon for a player my size," said Dinc. "But this is my advantage. If I have smaller players guarding me I simply shoot over them. If I got some big guy guarding me I use my quickness and penetrate."

Dinc has used those skills to make an impact on the international scene. He is a member of the Turkish National team, where he backs on current NBA standout Hedo Turkoglu at the small forward position.

"On the Turkish national team I play the shooting guard and small forward positions, so I will (do the same) at IU," said Dinc. "Coach Davis talked a lot ot Bogdan Tanjevic, my coach on the Turkish National team, and he let him know that he'll put me at the 2 and 3 positions."

While most fans are used to seeing players with Dinc's size setting up shop inside the paint, IU fans will instead get the opportunity to see Dinc often setting up outside the 3-point arc. While it's an unconventional way to use a big man, Dinc's skill set suggests that he is up to the task.

"With my experience from the national team and my strong and quick perimeter game I hope to get a lot of playing time on the wing, being able to take three point shots, drive to the baskets and create double teams guarding so my teammates get some easy points," said Dinc. "Coach Davis also let me know that I would bring the ball sometimes."

Hoosier fans will also see a player who brings plenty of energy to the floor as well.

"I'm a very intense and enthusiastic player," said Dinc. "Sometimes people who don't know me are afraid of me when they see me play because I yell so loud sometimes, but I just want to motivate my teammates to play better and harder and (rattle) my opponents." Top Stories