Troy Grosfield Q&A

Junior safety Troy Grosfield, who's made the move from a one-time kicker to a consistent contributor in the IU secondary, talks about the IU defense as it prepares for Saturday's home opener against Nicholls State.

On the defense controlling the time of possession in the second half…
The defense has a never say die attitude. All we try to do is keep making them take one more snap. As long as they have to keep taking more snaps they're not going to score. Leslie Majors made a huge play for us. They had a long pass and Majors caught up with the receiver and saved the touchdown. We ended up holding them to just a field goal. Those points really add up in the end.

On how the defense faired against CMU…
The defense played a solid game. Everyone was just making sure to stick their man and that made the quarterback have to try to force in balls because he didn't have open receivers. Combine that with the rush we were getting all game from the offensive line and their quarterback was under pressure all night. It was a good team effort.

On winning the field position battle…
Field position is obviously everything in football. Tyson Beattie did a heck of a job to pin them deep and that was a big key for us because he kept their offense in a tight spot every drive. Giving them the long field to work with helps out the team a ton because even if they do make a big play on us they still have a long way to go to get into the end zone.

Defense wins championships. You have to have a defense or you can't win. Defense is the number one stat in college football. As long as the defense always comes ready to play you can win. They don't score, they don't win.

On Coach Terry Hoeppner's new defense…
Hoeppner's defense is energetic. Everyone plays hard and plays fast. We fly to the ball, everyone does their own job and we have a sense of trust on this defense. You know your teammate is going to be there because everyone is doing what they're supposed to. When everyone is doing their job, that's when you can click as a unit.

We can definitely stop the spread this season. We have a whole new defensive scheme. We put a man on man basically so everybody on their team is covered every second. The scheme is going to make a big difference and the players' attitudes will make an even bigger difference.

On the depth in the secondary… You're not relying on one or two guys to carry the load anymore. It's a whole defense now. Look at the stats from last week. No one person had 16 tackles. Everybody had more like five or six. Everybody had tackles. That tells you this unit is flying to the ball and everybody is making plays. When everybody is doing that, you know you can count on your defense.

It's good for everybody. Being a safety, when we look at our corners, we know we have three great corners. If one guy goes down, you know the next guy can step in and the defense is missing a beat. These guys are amazing. We have a lot of depth at safety too, we have three or four guys we're comfortable with getting into the game on a regular basis. Top Stories