Jeff Sanders Weekly Journal

IU football commit Jeff Sanders, who will be writing a regular journal for this season, provides some insight into his commitment to Indiana, his upcoming game this weekend, and much more...

Editor's Note: IU football commit Jeff Sanders will be doing a regular "journal" for as he goes through his senior season at Springfield, Illinois' Sacred Heart Griffin H.S. SHG is currently 3-0 and ranked No. 2 in the state.

Dear Hoosier Fans:

As my first journal entry, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Sanders. I go to Sacred Heart Griffin High School in Springfield, Ill., about five hours away from IU. I am 6'4" tall and weigh 230-235 pounds on a good day and I play tight end for the Cyclones.

As you may be able to tell from the name, I attend a Catholic school and we have to wear a uniform every day but it is really not that bad and it is great to have God in the classroom. I play two sports, which is considered to be a full-time job, I am a FCA leader and involved in political action club.

So after all that lets get down to the football side of things.

We started off the season great by winning our first three games by a total of 90 points. Just as a catch up, I have ten catches for 94 yards. This past week we defeated Jacksonville, the team that knocked us off in the play-offs last year. We went into this game with a little bit more motivation because we wanted to set the record straight that we were/are the better team.

As a whole our team is very young - we returned only three starters from last year's team combined on offense and defense. This was pointed out as a weakness but is becoming less and less of a factor each week.

This week we are preparing for our next opponent, Lincoln H.S. Historically they have not been very good, but this year (Sacred Heart Griffin) Coach (Ken Leonard) is telling us that they will be the best passing team we will face until the play-offs. This has me, personally, worried a little bit, but our defense plays great as a unit and has handled everything that has been thrown their way without a problem.

This week, due to the fact that we play on a Friday, we have a shortened week of practice and by now we are getting to the good part of the week. On Thursdays before a Friday game we have walk-thrus in just shorts and helmets. Then we eat dinner as a team. After that we head out to our offensive line coaches' house for brownies with him and his wife. This tradition was started several years ago and from then on the joke has been that Mrs. Sowinski's brownies powered us to victory.

As for an update on my situation at Indiana, I am the most solid of solid verbal commits there ever has been. It took me a while to make my decision but now that I have made it, I have no regrets. My recruiting coach, Coach (Bill) Lynch has been fatherly to me from the very start. I love the mail that I receive from the program. I receive about three letters per day, even after the commitment. Two of the letters are just mass mailing, but the other one is a letter from Coach Lynch. I am so excited to see that IU is getting off to such a great start. I plan on watching their game TV this weekend and hopefully will be attending the next home game on Oct. 8 versus the Illini.

Wish me luck this weekend!


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