Jeff Sanders Weekly Journal

This is the third installment of the weekly journal from the IU-bound tight end from Springfield, Ill.

Dear Hoosier Nation,

So… I guess I have an apology to make! I was told by several close sources, namely my sister Trish and my coach's ten-year-old son, Colton, that my journal entry last week was not up to par. They both sited misspelled and omitted words in sentences. I would like to apologize for that and decided to employ Colton to proofread my work! (Just kidding)

As a member of the Student Council Executive Board, I am partially responsible for providing Spirit Club t-shirts which students wear to athletic events. Usually the group buys a single-colored shirt that costs around $6. This year we decided to print up tie-dyed shirts without the awareness of price increases or the advantage of students' pre-ordering them. To make a long story short, the shirts ended up costing $13, and we only charged the students $10. Needless to say, the Student Council took a hit for them, but hey, we have some darn good-lookin' shirts!

In last week's game versus Lanphier, we had a scare at the beginning of the game when they scored on their first play from the line of scrimmage. Our worries were soon ousted when our first play also went for a touchdown.

After that our defense took over, with an outstanding effort against the Lion's offense. Our offense went on to score a 62 points with another great game by Bobby Renneisen (our quarterback) and "Air Force," which is our nickname for our receiving corps. I had five catches for just over 50 yards and was named "Outback Player of the Game"! On Sunday I saw Lanphier's head coach at church and had a very pleasant conversation with him; a little of it being about football and a little about religion.

This week's game versus Chatham Glenwood is one of two games that we highlighted coming into our season. The first of those two was Jacksonville to avenge last year's loss. The second of those two games is Chatham. This is a game where everyone gets really pumped up because of the rivalry between the two schools. The Titans have improved quite a bit from the beginning of the season with a first-year quarterback who played defensive line last year.

This week, in order to prepare, we came in on Monday to watch films. On Tuesday, the coaches put cut-ups of film on DVD's for us to take home and study. Sure enough, on Wednesday morning, Coach Leonard had a quiz for both the offense and the defense to see if we had actually watched it!

As usual, I believe that we are prepared for our opponent due to our dedicated coaching staff. We've practiced hard all week and can't wait for the lights to come on Friday night.

Wish me luck on Friday!

Go Hoosiers!

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