Jeff Sanders Weekly Journal

IU-bound tight end Jeff Sanders talks about Saturday's game against Taylorville, along with a big honor he received at last weeek's Homecoming festivities.

Dear Hoosier Nation,

It is Friday night at 9:30; you know what any other teenager in the world is doing? He is probably out hanging with his friends, but not us! On Friday nights before a Saturday game we have lock-ins. After walk-thrus, dinner, and brownies at Coach Sowinski's, we go back to school and sit their as a team, watch a movie, and rest up for our game tomorrow night! This is a great experience and could be considered as a bonding time - as if we don't spend enough time with each other at practice six days a week. This is great, though, because it gets us feeling like a family, and what more could you want going into week eight as the No. 1 ranked team in class 5A?

As a great start to the homecoming weekend, on Friday we beat the Spartans from one of the larger public schools in town, Southeast. The special teams, led by Coach Taylor, who I mentioned last week is the former Southeast head coach, had a great game with two onside kick recoveries, one regular kick-off recovery, and at least one blocked punt. The defense once again played a great game with at least one forced fumble and two interceptions.

The offense started to click, but we still have things that we can improve on! Despite minor errors we still came out on top, 56-13.

The weekend just got better as it went on. After films on Saturday along with a couple of the guys (who I might mention are all Illini fans), we went over to one of the guy's houses and watched the IU vs. Illinois game. So after I joked around a little bit about how my future team beat their favorite team, I went home and got ready for the dance. A group of 20 of us went over to Matty C's (wide receiver) house and had dinner. Later that night at the dance I was crowned Homecoming king! All in all it was a really great weekend!

Onto this week's game! We play the Tornados from Taylorville. This game, just like any other, is very important for many reasons. Coming into this game they are 6-1 and if we lose we would have to share the conference championship for the first time in six years! This game is also important for playoff reasons. Coach said that if we win this game we will most likely be put in the south quadrant and be the only undefeated team there! This week's practices have been intense and we are prepared for another game!

That's all for now, talk to you next week!!

Wish me luck on Saturday


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