Powers' Record Day Leaves Empty Feeling

IOWA CITY-Fifty-seven throws later, Blake Powers felt fine physically, but mentally was a different story.

IOWA CITY-Fifty-seven throws later, Blake Powers felt fine physically, but mentally was a different story.

Despite departing Iowa City with plenty of records in tow, the one thing Powers wanted most was just about the only thing that eluded him – a victory.

"We're obviously pretty disappointed," said Powers after Indiana's 38-21 loss to Iowa.

Powers completed 37-of-57 passes for 360 yards, breaking former Iowa quarterback Scott Mullen's Kinnick Stadium mark for completions that he set in 1999 against Indiana. Powers also broke the Indiana school marks for both completions and attempts set by the Babe – as in Babe Laufenberg – in 1982.

"When did he play?" Powers asked about the IU quarterback whose marks of 36 completions and 56 attempts he broke. "I don't know him."

But like every other IU quarterback who is in the school's single-game top 10 for attempts and completions, the end result of the game was a checkmark in the loss column.

While the 57 pass attempts were a first, it didn't come as a huge surprise to either IU Coach Terry Hoeppner or Powers.

"I thought we might throw 60 times, because of the nature of their defense," said Hoepper.

Iowa plays plenty of zone coverage, which allows teams to work the underneath routes and protects against the big play. The Hawkeyes are also difficult to run against because of the abilities of preseason All-America linebackers Chad Greenway and Abdul Hodge.

"We knew they were a good defense, but we were going to try to take advantage of our talent at the receiver position," said Powers. "We knew that was part of the gameplan. We knew they had good linebackers and were solid all around, but we knew we could take the short routes in the passing game and hopefully be able to run the ball."

That take-what-they-give-you approach allowed Indiana to move the ball up and down the field to the tune of 446 yards, but the 21 points Powers and the IU offense proved to be no quite enough.

"If you don't win, the numbers don't mean much," said Hoeppner.

Powers echoed those sentiments. It wasn't the 57 pass attempts or a couple of big hits that left him writhing afterwards, only the sting of losing.

"We're obviously very disappointed," said Powers. "No one likes to lose. We have some things we have to fix. You can keep your head down, or come out swinging and try to get better next week and keep pushing and keep fighting. That's what we're going to try to do.

"(The loss) will be on your mind for a while. The thought of losing is what's going to make you work harder for next week's game."

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