Dual Threat Fisher Likes Hoosiers

After impressing the IU coaching staff during a summer workout at the Hoosiers' football camp, Cleveland area standout Ray Fisher has remained very interested in the Indiana program.

After suffering a season-ending partial tear of his ACL ligament during a pre-season scrimmage, Cleveland Glenville standout Ray Fisher could have thrown in the chips. Instead, the 5-8 two-way threat has been using the time to his advantage.

"I'll be ready to go maybe in a month or two," said Fisher. "All I'm doing right now is getting my knee stronger than what it was and I'll be ready whenever I get to the school I pick."

One of the biggest attractions about Fisher is his speed and his ability to cut on a dime on the football field, and coaches are certainly looking to see if the Cleveland area standout regains those attributes. Fisher says he's already back to where he was before the injury.

"I'm back to the same speed, if not faster," said Fisher. "I'm running three times a week and working as hard as I can to get bigger and faster. I've already put on ten pounds - I'm up to 165 right now. I'm trying to get to 170 by the end of the school year.

"My physical therapy is going great. They finally are letting me start cutting again. I can run full speed. I just need to be able to get my cutting back so I can make moves. I'm coming along."

Fisher has played both wide receiver and cornerback in his high school career and has been getting offers to play both positions on the college level. While some recruits don't mind playing one side of the ball, Fisher not only wants to play offense and defense, he wants to return kicks as well.

"A lot of schools want me at receiver and some want me at defensive back," said Fisher. "I think no matter where I go I'll get to play receiver because that's my better position. Billy Lynch at Indiana told me if I'm good enough I could earn a chance to play offense, defense and kick returner for them."

Indiana is one of the many schools to offer Fisher and right now is one of his more intriguing schools. Fisher was in Bloomington over the summer for IU's football camp, and dazzled the Hoosier coaching staff with his abilities on both sides of the ball.

"Right now I have a few offers," said Fisher. "The schools that have offered me are Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, LSU, Ball State, Eastern Michigan, Toledo and Akron."

Fisher had planned on being in Bloomington for last weekend's Indiana-Ohio State contest, but his plans wound up being derailed. He does plan on coming to Bloomington, though, in the not-too-distant future.

"I was supposed to make it to Indiana for the Ohio State game, but I couldn't make it," said Fisher. "I'm going to make sure to visit them as soon as I can. I haven't made any officials yet. I probably won't until the playoffs are over and school wins the state title. I figure I'll take all five of my officials. I think I'm going to check out Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, LSU and I don't know the last one at this time."

With four Big Ten offers, it looks like Fisher will be staying in the Midwest.

"I think I would like to play in the Big Ten because it'll be fun to play against guys I know from high school," said Fisher. "At first I wanted to play in the SEC or something like that, but I thought about it, if I play in the Big Ten I'll see all the guys I know and try to beat them. You've been playing with someone for so long, you go one-on-one with them in practice, you play them in games and you get to know their moves. If you can beat them, then it's pure athleticism, there's nothing better than that."

It is clear that Fisher is high on his talents and he has a prediction if he ends up becoming an Indiana Hoosier.

"I like Indiana's offense from what I've seen," said Fisher. "They've got a lot of weapons there right now and if I go there that will only add more weapons and we could probably win the Big Ten."

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