Jeff Sanders Weekly Journal

Jeff Sanders and his Sacred Heart Griffin team open playoff action this afternoon at 1 p.m. Sanders writes about the week of preparation for this week's contest.

Dear Hoosier Nation,

This is the time of the year that everyone in Cyclone Nation gets pumped up for. This time is the reason why we play, the parents and cheerleaders cheer, the boosters boost, and the coaches coach! It is playoff time!

The first nine weeks of the season are a warm- up for the last five. Considering the loser goes home from here on out, we focus all of our attention on the task at hand and this week that task is Glenwood High School, our first round playoff opponent.

Last week in Jerseyville, we got on the bus for a one and a half hour ride home after winning, 42-25. Despite this win, some weaknesses were shown. The offense turned the ball over in a couple key situations but came up with a score when needed! The defense had some trouble but always seemed to get the stop when it was an absolute necessity. It was kind of sad knowing that I had just played my last regular season game as a Cyclone. Despite this sadness, I am exited to know that my next regular season game will be as a Hoosier!

This week practice was great. The White Sox won the World Series. Although this means nothing for me personally because I am a Cubs fan, it made my high school coach, Coach Leonard, happy which in turn make all of the players happy! We watched film each morning and had longer practices than normal in the afternoons. As a team, we have decided that we are willing to put in the extra time for the ultimate reward at the end of five weeks. The whole school got out of school early on Thursday and had no school on Friday for parent-teacher conferences. This allowed us some extra time to watch films and practice. I believe that we are prepared for our challenge this weekend, now we just have to go out there and prove it!

Wish me luck this weekend!


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