Larimore Talks About IU Visit

Merrillville, Ind., lineman Dexter Larimore talks about his official visit to Bloomington.

It was a big weekend for Merrillville, Ind., defensive tackle Dexter Larimore.

The weekend began with a huge 16-13 win for his Merrillville H.S. program over previously unbeaten and second-ranked Crown Point in the sectional championship game. The win avenged a loss to Merrillville's biggest rival earlier in the season, and moved Merrillville (10-2) one step closer to a state title.

"It was awesome," said Larimore, who played on both sides of the ball and was on the field for all but five snaps in the game. "Something I'll never forget. It was our big rival game and they beat us earlier in the year. But we beat them when it mattered and won the sectional."

From there, Larimore headed to Bloomington for his official visit to the IU program. The 6-3, 260-pound lineman was in town for IU's 42-21 loss to Minnesota and was hosted by Chauncey Incarnato for the weekend.

"It went really well," said Larimore. "I got to visit with the guys a little bit and see what the team is like. I learned what the coaches are like in a game atmosphere and I got to see the entire program for a day."

"It was great to see Coach Hep's program and how it's starting to come through. You can see he has a good start with the young guys on the team and that could help be big in the future."

Larimore has Indiana among his favorites, and said he's down to the Hoosiers, Michigan and Ohio State. He said he'll likely decide after he wraps up his official visits. He said he's scheduled to visit Ann Arbor next weekend (Nov. 12-13) and then plans to visit Ohio State the weekend of Dec. 3.

While Indiana didn't have its best performance with Larimore in attendance, the talented in-state product said there were plenty of positives from the Hoosiers' play.

"It was tough to see them lose but it was also good because I think you could see a glimmer of what Indiana could be," said Larimore. "They played tough for the first half, but something happened in the second half."

While Ohio State and Michigan will certainly be formidable recruiting competition, Indiana appears to be very much in the mix. It also doesn't hurt the Hoosiers that a pair of Larimore's former high school teammates – Brandon Mosley and Jerry Williams – are currently on the IU roster.

"I know some of the people on the team and I know a lot of people that go to IU and the coaches are really great guys," said Larimore. "I'm looking for a school where I can come in and fit in with the guys right away. I want to make sure I'm going to fit into their system and get to know my teammates."

While fitting in is important, immediate playing time isn't as important to Larimore. While he'd like to play, he wants to be sure he's ready before he's thrown into the mix.

"As a defensive lineman I don't want to play too early," said Larimore. "In the Big Ten it's so demanding on your body. I don't want to play before I'm ready and get hurt."

As one of the nation's top prep wrestlers as well, there had been some talk about him either choosing wrestling or trying to compete in both in college, but Larimore seems to be focused on football for the time being.

"I think it's going to be best for me to stick to football," said Larimore. "Maybe after the season I'll be able to get in and wrestle and bit with some of the guys, but not really be on the team. Just keep in touch with my wrestling skills and technique. Keep the option." Top Stories