How Solid Is Mayberry?

IU commit Matt Mayberry is still receiving calls from other programs, and there have been rumors about how solid his commitment is to Indiana. The Darien, Ill., standout addresses those issues...

The rumors about Matt Mayberry are running rampant.

Word was that the Darien, Ill., product was all set to take a handful of other official visits, and his verbal commitment to Indiana was shaky, to say the least. The thought was that the Hinsdale (Ill.) South standout was wavering, all but sure to wind up somewhere other than Bloomington.

"I know people out there are saying that I'm taking visits to other schools," said Mayberry. "I haven't even made that decision yet. I don't know how that's getting around. I haven't set up any visits to other schools."

Mayberry admits that he's still hearing from a handful of schools, including Georgia, Oklahoma State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and North Carolina. One school that originally made his list of finalists – Northwestern – has appeared to back off as of late.

But those phone calls haven't resulted in a change of heart, according to Mayberry.

"I am totally committed to Indiana right now," said Mayberry.

Mayberry thinks that IU assistant head coach Bill Lynch was very aware of the rumors about him possibly reconsidering his IU commitment, but before the Hoosier assistant could bring up the subject during their weekly phone call, Mayberry addressed the matter with his recruiting coach.

"I know Coach Lynch was going to ask me something, but I brought it up to him first before he said something, because I know he reads the internet every day," said Mayberry. "There was something posted that I was going to be taking a visit, and I told him that I wasn't."

With a handful of prominent national programs on Mayberry's list of offers, it's not a surprise that some might think that he would be enticed to turn his back on Indiana and go to a program that's had more on-field success in recent years. But that isn't what prompted Mayberry to commit to IU in the first place.

"I have heard people say there are still big time schools coming after me and that might change my decision with Indiana," said Mayberry. "But basically, it doesn't matter how big the school is. For my decision I had to be comfortable, it doesn't matter how big time it is. It depended on how comfortable I was."

The program that he felt most comfortable with, Mayberry said, was Indiana.

Mayberry recently completed his senior season at Hinsdale South, as his team lost to in the quarterfinals of the Class 7A playoffs. Playing on a sore ankle, Mayberry was limited to 61 yards rushing on 20 carries in the 28-7 loss to Edwardsville. Mayberry finished the season with 2,103 yards and 28 touchdowns. Top Stories