Jeff Sanders Weekly Journal

Jeff Sanders continues his weekly journal with a look at Sacred Heart Griffin's preparation this week for its state semifinal matchup with North Chicago.

Dear Hoosier Nation,

I am writing to you on my second to last Friday as a high school football player. Today after walk-throughs, it kind of hit us as a team…that the goal that we have been striving for, for almost a year now, is so close. The state championship game is next Saturday and the only people in our way are the Warhawks of North Chicago.

Thanks to our mothers and a generous donation, we were able to have steak as our pre-game meal for the second time in three weeks! All of the mothers are so cute; they decorate the cafeteria to fit the theme of the team we are playing. This week's decorations included dead birds (hawks) hung upside down from the ceilings and mini plastic military men served heads down in our brownies! I honestly believe that is going to be one of the pre-game rituals I will miss most about the football season.

Last week in a 34-28 victory over the Fighting Irish of Bishop McNamara, we played great as a team. We jumped out ahead early and were leading by 21 with seven minutes left to go in the fourth quarter. At that point, we fumbled the ball three straight plays. Two of the fumbles led to scores, bringing the game within reach for the Irish. At the end of the game, we managed to hang on to the ball and stall the clock. In total, we had eleven fumbles all game and lost three of them. Yet, we won the game!

Needless to say, this week after a million ball security drills, I can say with confidence that the number of fumbles will go down. That isn't saying much though; I mean you can only go down from 11! We know that if we have as many turnovers this week, we are not going to come out victorious.

North Chicago is a fast, but undisciplined team that can play the game of football very well. In an effort to stop their big-play mentality and exploit the lack of discipline, we hope to execute our game plan to a "V" and "V" is for victory!

Wish me luck!


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