What's On IU's Recruiting Horizon?

National signing day is only about a month away, and IU Coach Terry Hoeppner still has some work to do to round out his 2006 class. So who else is IU looking at? What positions are the staff focused on? HoosierNation.com answers those questions…

Note: Take into account that some of this could change if there is attrition...so I'm going on the assumption that everyone was back, etc. With that in mind, they'd have about 5 scholarships left, and I'd suspect they'd oversign by 1-2.

Offensive Line - 1 –
The Hoosiers want Keith Williams badly, and appear to have a pretty good shot. He's taken all of his official visits, and a decision could come any day. I think Bryant Browning would probably be a close second here, while Roger Saffold would be in the mix also. I don't think there's a great deal of interest in Nick Brousseau right now. There have been some who have suspected that one of the offensive linemen who has already committed will move to the defensive side, but for the time being I believe everyone who's committed will be working with Bobby Johnson on the offensive side. None of the players have said there's been any talk about a move. This goes to show what the staff thinks about the state of the offensive line – woeful. Indiana loses Isaac Sowells and Adam Hines and Brandon Hatcher, leaving Chris Mangiero and Justin Frye as the only returnees. Notre Dame transfer Chauncey Incarnato, meanwhile, is a surefire starter as well. Otherwise, Indiana's roster doesn't appear to have many – if any – younger linemen that are ready to step in and be really good Big Ten starters, forcing the staff to devote nearly 1/3 of this year's entire class to the offensive line.

Tight End – 0* This position gets an asterisks because Indiana definitely wants Pennsylvania tight end Andy Miller, who is weighing scholarship offers from IU, Ohio State, Pitt and West Virginia. The 6-7, 255-pound Miller is being recruited by IU to play tight end, although he has the frame that he could make the switch to offensive line as well. That versatility – coupled with the fact he's open to playing either position – makes him a coveted recruit by the Indiana staff. But, if Indiana doesn't get Miller, don't look for any other tight ends in IU's class. It already has commitments from Jeff Sanders and Brad Martin at the position, and it also has a very good looking redshirt freshman as well in Troy Wagner.

Quarterback - 0 –
With Kellen Lewis, Blake Powers, Graeme McFarland and Ben Chappell in the fold, there's no need for another quarterback in this class.

Running Back - 0 -
Indiana loses Chris Taylor and Yamar Washington, but with Demetrius McCray, Justin Carrington and Bryan Payton as redshirt freshmen, they're pretty well set at this spot. Matt Mayberry might wind up getting a look at this spot as well, although I'd still suspect he'll wind up on defense.

Wide Receiver - 1 -
Indiana has a lot back in James Hardy, Jahkeen Gilmore, Marcus Thigpen, Brandon Walker-Roby and Ryan Skelton, while James Bailey's status is unclear. But I've heard and seen very good things from Nick Polk on the practice field, and same goes for Andrew Means. They can help next year. So there's plenty of depth here already. That said, if Indiana can find a difference maker at receiver, I think they'd take him. Ray Fisher probably fits that need the best - he's a burner and elusive like Thigpen.

Defensive Line - 1 -
The losses of Russ Richardson, Victor Adeyanju and Ben Ishola is significant, but Indiana does have some good young linemen ready to contribute next season. Neal Jones should bring athleticism to the defensive end position, while Emile Bass and Todd Newman will be ready to join returnees Charlie Emerson, Joe Kremer and Greg Brown at defensive tackle. Jammie Kirlew was arguably the most impressive true freshman up front, although it's unclear if he'll remain at defensive end or move to linebacker. While that's a good mix of veterans and youngsters, Indiana would still like to add another big body up front. Victor Ugenyi is a possibility, while other names will likely surface as well.

Linebacker - 1-2 -
Indiana loses John Pannozzo, Kyle Killion and Josh Moore, so there are spots to be filled. Indiana has Will Patterson and Mayberry already, and the staff appears to be very high on Dan Kinsey as well. He could wind up starting as a redshirt freshman if he's able to get his weight up to the 215-225 range. A tremendous athlete, Kinsey arrived in Bloomington at 195 pounds and has been working to put on weight ever since. Geno Johnson is also back at outside linebacker after being one of just three true freshmen to play in 2005. The staff would also like to see him add 15-20 pounds to his 200-pound frame. It's also interesting to note the official IU site lists 6-2, 234-pound Jammie Kirlew as a linebacker – Kirlew spent the 2005 season working at defensive end, but perhaps his size has prompted a move to linebacker. Still, this remains a position that Indiana needs some talent and depth. Some of the younger players on the roster, such as Isaac Price, Ryan Marando and Greg Weeks, have yet to show they're ready to be significant contributors. Sam Johnson and Darnell Bolding are a pair of names that have been linked to IU regularly, although I suspect there are a couple of Floridians who will emerge in the coming weeks as well.

Safety - 0 –
Indiana has a slew of players back in Will Meyers, Troy Grosfield, Aaron Mitchell, Brandon Mosley and Eric McClurg, all of whom played a year ago. Add in youngsters like Tim Sergi and Austin Thomas, and there's not much need for additional players at this position. This is one of the spots that Matt Mayberry could wind up at, although Terry Hoeppner's preference for fleet-footed linebackers leads most to believe he'll be an outside linebacker for the Hoosiers.

Cornerback - 1-2 -
This is a spot that Indiana still has some work to do. Majors and Porter are back, but there's not a great deal of depth here. Indiana would love to find 1 or 2 in January that they could not only sign, but possibly play right away. That's a tall order, but this remains a position of need. Texas' Alex Ibilloye is the only player of significance to both surface and appear to be a real possibility, although it's a good bet that the Indiana staff has identified a couple of others from Florida and/or Texas who could be possibilities as well.

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