IU Officials Offer Takes On White's Injury

IU team trainer Tim Garl and IU Coach Mike Davis talk about the foot injury that has once again sidelined D.J. White for the foreseeable future.

BLOOMINGTON-Indiana officials are still getting medical opinions on the injury to D.J. White's broken left foot, but early indications are that things don't look good for a return this season.

"Right now, the prognosis is really unknown," IU team trainer Tim Garl said after practice Monday. "It depends on how fast he heals. But I'd say he's out at a minimum 4-6 weeks, and quite possibly longer than that."

While IU officials haven't specified that White's left foot is broken, several players said after practice Monday that White had in fact broken his left foot once again. It's not in the same place as the previous injury and it occurred in a different manner, but that doesn't change the fact White is once again sidelined, this time quite possibly for the remainder of the season.

"(The original injury) was more of a stress fracture that happened over time," said Garl. "this is an injury that happened from a specific episode. He was stepped on when he fell down."

After getting his foot stepped on, White came out of the game, but didn't say anything about the pain in his foot. When he returned to the game moments later, he was noticeably limping. After the game, Garl said the foot was very sore, and subsequent test revealed the damage.

While the 4-6 week timetable could allow White to return to the floor in time for the postseason, that schedule is an admittedly optimistic one, and also doesn't take into consideration that he'll once again be well behind from a conditioning standpoint.

"Four to six weeks from now, we'd have to feel he'll be fairly out of shape, and that will impact the return," said Garl. "The fact he's had multiple injuries to the same area, he'll probably demand a little more rest and recovery."

White was unavailable after Monday's practice. IU Coach Mike Davis said that White hasn't been publicly down about the setback, although he suspects this has been another tough pill for the preseason All-Big Ten choice to swallow.

"He has to be down about it, because we're all down," said Davis. "He's just been through so much, with his finger, and his jaw, so that's four different things for him."

The next decision facing White, Davis and Garl is whether or not to try to get him back on the floor in time for the conclusion of the 2005-06 season, or to accept that he won't be able to go, and instead focus on getting White a medical redshirt. White does meet all of the criteria to receive such a waiver, although it must ultimately be approved by the Big Ten.

"This happened so quickly, so we're reviewing all our options," said Garl. "(But) it's not my option, it's D.J. and his parents and the coaching staff."

Davis said that as that time draws near he'll sit down with White and his family to decide what's best for the 69-242-pound sophomore.

"It's his decision," said Davis. "It won't be my decision it will be a family decision whether he redshirts. He wants to come back. Talking to him, he definitely wants to come back."

Time will tell if that's even an option for White to consider.

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