Davis Talks About Minnesota

Mike Davis offers his pre-game thoughts as Indiana prepares for Sunday's matchup with Minneosta in Minneapolis...

Thoughts on Minnesota The toughest thing to do is win a road game. You have to go in and play defense and not put them on the free throw line 30 times. If you let the home team shoot 30 free throws then they have a chance to win the game and you have to get to the free throw line. I just think if we can go play a road game healthy - the last two we had we had (Marshall) Strickland out and Lewis (Monroe) out. That's two guys counting D.J. (White). We just need to get everybody healthy on the same day and we'll be ok.

On Marshall's knee… He seemed okay today, but you never know how he could come in tomorrow. It may be sore tomorrow, it may be sore on Sunday. We're not going to go long tomorrow, just go over a few things. His knee is definitely on a day-to-day basis.

How Marco responded after an off night… He's got a lot of injuries and he hasn't been able to practice the last two days. His legs hurt so bad that he couldn't even go. We had six guys on Wednesday. Today Kline was able to practice. Wilmont and Marco practiced for us, but they're not full speed. If he's healthy he's good and if not it's tough on us.

Is Minnesota's press a concern… Only if we turn it over. That's the only thing I'm concerned about. Last year I thought we played it well here. We broke it and made some easy plays and baskets. We're definitely working on it and it'll help when they press us.

Troubles running the up-tempo style… It's hard for us to do that now especially with less personnel. If we had a lot of guys we could probably do it but a lot of guys are hurt. To push it you have to make stops and you have to rebound the basketball.

Any update on D.J. Last I heard he was out for the year.

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