Rodger Saffold Q&A continues its player-by-player question and answers with the members of Indiana's 2006 recruiting class with Bedford, Ohio, offensive lineman Rodger Saffold.

Q: What did you think of Indiana's first season under Coach Hoeppner?
A: I thought they did very well. I know they're still in the turnaround stage because it's Hoeppner's first year. That's why I wanted to go there. I think they're going to be one of the big colleges to beat in the long run.

Q: With seven linemen in your recruiting class are you ready to battle for playing time?
A: I'm willing to do just about anything. The coaches have talked to me a lot and I have a good connection with them. They'll make sure I'll work hard and get me to the top of my potential.

Q: With so much competition, how do you think the linemen will connect?
A: I think we'll get along just fine. As a lineman I always consider the other linemen as part of my family. Whatever we do we do together and I think if everyone blocks to their potential and we trust each we'll be a strong group.

Q: Growing up in Ohio, did you always want to play in the Big Ten?
A: It's a great honor. As a kid it was always a goal of mine to play Big Ten football. I had a list of goals for myself and right now I'm achieving a very important one to me. I looked at all the Big Ten schools and living in Ohio a lot of people thought I would be going to Ohio State, but I chose Indiana.

Q: What set Indiana apart from other schools for you?
A: I wanted to get a chance to see all the schools, but Indiana has been with me the whole time since I was a junior. Basically what happened was I had a better connection with them and the business school at IU was obviously better than the others, that's why I chose them.

Q: You mentioned the Kelley School of Business, is that what you plan to study and why?
A: I really want to do well in business. My father went to college, but he couldn't finish and my mother went and she became a teacher. I just want to use my head for my future because that has gotten me this far and then use my talent and abilities for the game of football. I think you need to be focused at all times on education.

Q: Did it help having a teacher in the house whiling growing up?
A: Growing up my mother did quite a lot for me. She kind of pounded in my head how important education is, but it was up to me to carry through with it.

Q: With a dad who played college football, did you always like the sport?
A: I've always wanted to play football. When you see it on TV with all the excitement and the adrenalin, I just had to play. My sisters were cheerleaders in high school so I got to watch all the games and I knew that's what I wanted to be.

Q: Which Indiana coach do you know the best?
A: Coach (Bobby) Johnson and I talk all the time. I would have to say throughout the recruiting process the coach I made the best connection with would have to be him. He's been with me since I was a junior and I've called him to talk about things outside of football. I called him to ask him about recruiting and what things I needed to be looking out for. He's helped me a lot through the whole process and I have to thank him for that.

Q: Are you glad signing day is over?
A: It's a relief to be committed. Just getting all the calls, all the letters and having people pressure you around school telling you have to make a decision is stressful. My dad was a big part of the process for me and when he told me it was okay to just decide on a school I went into my room and chose Indiana. He agreed with my decision and that's when we went off with it.

Do you have any nicknames? Big Rodge and sometimes the Wall because I get a lot of pancakes
What was your high school #? 76
Who was your recruiting Coach? Bobby Johnson
What other sports did you compete in? I didn't before because my father was afraid I would get hurt in another sport. But this year he let me play basketball. It's going real well. We're sitting at 12-2, first in the league. Top Stories