One-Time Walk-On Watches Coach Walk Away

For one-time walk-on Errek Suhr, it's difficult to see the coach who gave him an opportunity of a lifetime walk away.

Bloomington, Ind. – Lost in the shuffle of the news of Indiana head coach Mike Davis resigning at the end of the season may be the smallest Hoosier of them all.

Against the odds, junior guard Errek Suhr has worked his way from former walk-on to consistent contributor. Under Davis Suhr has gone from six minutes his entire freshman season to 13.6 minutes a game this year. He has earned faith from Davis in his steady play and ability to play smart basketball – he has just eight turnovers in 19 games this season.

For all the faith and trust Davis has given to Suhr, the 5-8 guard who grew up wanting to be an Indiana Hoosier his entire life gave even more back.

"For me, personally, I consider myself a Mike Davis guy," said Suhr. "To be honest, without Coach Davis I wouldn't be here today and I may not be playing basketball anywhere. It's not like I was recruited heavily by anybody.

"I'm pretty emotional about it, to be honest."

With very little action in the regards of recruiting, Suhr's only chance at college basketball was as a walk-on. And there was no where Suhr wanted to play at more than IU, the school he grew up dreaming about while playing at Bloomington North High School.

For Suhr the opportunity was a long shot, but it was one Davis gave him.

"(Coach Davis) has just given me so much," said Suhr. "He's given me the opportunity. So many dreams of mine growing up have really come true because of him. I owe him so much. With this news and the way things have gone, it's really upsetting to me."

Suhr is one of three juniors in the Indiana program alongside of JUCO-transfer Earl Calloway and Roderick Wilmont. With one season left as Hoosiers, the three will have to unite the rest of the Hoosiers going into their senior season and deal with the good and the bad of whatever may take place this off-season.

"I think it's a good and a bad," said Suhr. "It's a bad because in my opinion we're losing a great coach. We're losing a coach that we all love and our coach is leaving a program that I know he loves. But I think it's good because of all the scrutiny and the bad feelings that have gone towards this program, all the naysayers about where we're headed as a program can be put behind us. The fans, the media and everyone who loves Indiana basketball can now look ahead instead of looking back." Top Stories