Illinois QB Catches Hoosiers' Attention

Illinois All-State QB Luke Hockaday caught plenty of people's attention with his 35-touchdown season last fall, including IU and Coach Terry Hoeppner.

With the class of 2006 under his belt, Indiana head coach Terry Hoeppner has already begun his search for the class of 2007. After bringing in just one quarterback in his last recruiting class, it looks as though Hoeppner has shown interest in finding another signal caller in his next group.

Attention is growing in Luke Hockaday, a 6-2, 180-pound quarterback from Maroa-Forsyth Senior HS (Maroa, Ill.). As a junior last season, Hockaday threw for 35 touchdowns and 2,450 yards on his way to all-state accolades.

While he may not have any offers on the table, Hockaday has had steady interest and it appears to be growing.

"Right now I'm just getting a lot of steady mail from various schools and just taking it all in," said Hockaday. "I'm just trying to enjoy this process. I've gotten a lot of mail and e-mails. I've gotten some handwritten letters. I've been invited to a few schools spring practice and spring games. A lot of the colleges don't want to offer until they see me in camp, so I'm going to hit the camps of the schools that are most interested in me."

Playing football in Illinois has helped Hockaday garner attention from Big Ten and MAC schools early in the recruiting process, but he has seen a spike of interest in the national scene.

"I don't have any of offers yet, but I've been invited to like five or six junior days right now," said Hockaday. "I went to four so far at Illinois, Iowa, Purdue and Northern Illinois.

"I'm open to anything right now. I went to the San Antonio Army all-American combine at the beginning of January so that has opened me up to the whole nation. Now I'm getting more national recruiting. I've been getting a lot of letters from Big Ten schools because of where I'm from, but now I'm getting stuff from the east and west coasts also."

Hockaday said Indiana is yet to invite him to a junior day or camp, but he is getting solid interest from the Hoosiers.

"I've been getting steady mail from Indiana," said Hockaday. "I'd say one or two things a week from them. I'm open right now to every school and I'm looking forward to learning more about Indiana. Hopefully I can make it to their one day camp this summer.

"I'm not really familiar with the Indiana program. I know Coach Hoeppner is there and he's trying to turn the program around much like Illinois. I think he can do it. I'm familiar with the Lynch coaches because they were coaching at a camp I went to and I got to know them."

With a long offseason ahead of him, Hockaday admits he is far from a decision and has not even begun to create a list of solid favorites at this point in the process.

"I guess I'll start narrowing my list down when the offers start to come in. Once I get offers I'm going to look at those schools more carefully and do more in-depth studies on the school." Top Stories